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Does it matter if i cheat a little?

MUCH has been said of late about how a little won't stop you from losing and a little of this or that may help you stay "sane" while losing if you have a lot of weight to lose. How you need to work the program in a way that is best for you.

For two months I was 100%, absolutely, completely anal about being 100% on another diet. I gave great advise about how/why it was important. I saw how differently I felt, how the cravings went away and how much in control I was of my eating, exercising and life in general. How much my body and self-confidence had changed. How healthy my body was.

Then one weekend I decided one time wouldn't hurt. It was a special occasion. It was just supposed to be one meal?and not even that far off plan. Just a salad, fully dressed with a piece of bread and jerk chicken. It turned into a weekend eating off plan. I can't say for certain but I suspect that if I hadn't had that one time, O would still be on.

It is like an alcoholic and one drink. I keep telling myself I can do this one piece of chocolate - I CAN'T. One thing leads to another and I'm on a binge. My body chemistry is such that carbs - especially highly processed white flour and sugar/chocolate trigger a binge. This is not a physiological phenomena - I'm convinced this is a physical/chemical reaction.

I?m a stress eater. I had a nurse explain the body?s reaction to adrenalin and the chemical that neutralizes the adrenalin. Don?t remember what that chemical is but do remember that the body craves certain food when that chemical is depleted from too much adrenalin. So it not simply a learned reaction to stress, it is a chemical reaction. That doesn?t mean it is in my best interests to give into the cravings?quite the contrary,
Like an alcoholic, I can?t have just one. If I could, I wouldn?t have weighed 227 at my highest.

Thats why I changed from an already successful diet to cambridge, I don?t have to think about what I can and can?t eat?..I know the drill, I know how to do this and getting back to 100% is a gazillion times harder when you cheat so i choose not to cheat. , I?ve let myself down by not staying the course before I?ve wasted 2 weeks and gained back ipoundage because of picking.

I have made myself a priority this summer.

My decision (subconsciously) was that I would rather fit in and than be healthy. . All my life I have settled for being less than my optimum self because i didnt love myself enough to do it before.


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Amen to that post.....


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Spoil sport! Only joking. I have stuck to the plan 100% too and it is that feeling of control. I also feel that I am proving to myself that I am not greedy, if I were I couldn't do this diet. That gives my self esteem a huge boost.


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Go girl :)
Excellent post, and one you should be proud of for addressing.

Well done x
Hey Latanya, thanks for that very inspiring post! Makes soooo much sense and puts everything into perspective. Just what I need this weekend to get back on track xx

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