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just been looking through my food diarys and realised that i dont always have any a choices.i do have about 3 cups of tea a day but even then thats about 1 1/2 syns.i dont eat cereal cos portions size too small.dont eat cheese everyday so i was just wondering if i should have maybe a chunk of cheese a day just to uses my choices up or does it not really matter

i do ee
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I'm the same, since switching to black coffee & green tea I have no milk. I usually have a mullerlight for calcium, cheese doesn't feel right on a weight lose program.

Loving the advice, keep it up.


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I think they just include the HEXs in the plan to ensure that we're getting a balanced diet! I agree that you can get calcium from other things like your fat free yogurts, cottage cheese and a lot of veg contain calcium too. You'll certainly lose weight by not having them, after all you're saving yourself 5-6 syns by not! I love cheese and I love milk on my cereal so I nearly always have my a's! Soz Sparkilycurls (love your name by the way) I disagree when you say that cheese doesn't feel right on a weight loss program coz the plans that let you have everything in moderation (the key word!!) are the ones that people have success on because they don't have to deny themselves things (unless you don't like cheese which is fine!!)XXX
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yeh I dont always have my HEAs and B's, just depends on how im feeling that day!
Sometimes if I like to feel like im being naughty even though im not, i'll save both and have a toastie with 2 dairylea light slices (HEA), 2 WW bread (HEB), and then chicken, ham and tomato :) x
Personally I find that getting my HEas&bs makes the eating plan an eating plan over starvation, most of it is weighed so it's a controlled amount, makes a lot of meals more enjoyable as well.
I think the HEXs are there for a healthy balanced diet. And I do think its important to try & have hexa for the calcium, especially now I'm over 40:p

Sparkilycurls have you tried laughing cow light, they are nice without tasting 'fatty'.

But to answer your question, yes I do think they are important. I don't drink milk but will have cheese on ryvita/finn crisps/toast for supper most eves.


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By not having your healthy extra's you're not following SW 100% whether or not this affects your weight loss or how 'healthy' you are is completely up to the individual. You really should be having them. The whole point of Healthy Extra's is that they are foods that have the nutrients you need - but eating too much of them cause weight gain (that's why they're limited).

You should really be having 1 or 2 A's and 2 B's on Red and Green. And for Extra Easy 1 A and 1 B. Hope that helps :)


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Just so you aware non dairy sources of calcium include:
  • almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts
  • broccoli, curly kale, okra, spinach, watercress
  • dried apricot and figs
  • mackerel, oysters, pilchards, salmon, sardines
  • pulses, sesame seeds
  • tofu
  • calcium-enriched soya cheeses and milks.
I scarcely ever use my HEX A, got IBD and milk causes me immense pain, & I don't really miss cheese. Asked my consultant about not having them & she said as long as I was getting enough calcium from veg/ yogurts etc, it didn't matter - although she did point out that it didn't mean I could go swapping it for something of the same syn value :) XXX
I keep Mini BabyBel light in the fridge for this very reason. If it gets to the evening and I've not managed my HEA (I don't drink milk because I don't like cereal and i don't drink tea/coffee) then I have a nice snack of 3 of these. It's naughty but sometimes I like to have one whilst I'm cooking dinner (oops!) but they are really nice and the texture is even nicer (IMO) than the full fat ones. They really feel like a treat. They also melt nicely if you slice and put in a burger.
Would you believe it ? My husband delivers cheese, we get a free stash and I've avoided it for no reason, I shall have my 28g grated and nibble on right now.


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If you think cereal portions are too small try the puffed wheat, 28g is a huge portion because its so light. Bung some sweetener on and its just like sugar puffs.

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