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Does it matter ....

I always used to wonder the same thing, and I believe the official answer to that question is that it's fine to eat as much of it as you like. HOWEVER, when I used to make it, I used to work out the points in the stock cubes. I think a bit jug of soup (which made about 4-5 bowls of soup) worked out at about 1 pt, so if I had more than 2 bowls I counted it as half a point.

I'm sure someone will come along and put me right in a minute, lol. Like I said, that official take on it is that you can have as much as you like (I remember someone asking the same question at one of my ww meetings), counting the points in the stock cube is just what I preferred to do - it's not necessarily what you're supposed to do.

Hope that helps (though it probably doesn't, lol, sorry).
Thanks for that hunni it does help. Ive had 3 large bowls already today so even if I count that as 2 points its still not much at all and seeing as I have 27 points to have its all good!!

I wouldn't have thought it would be as much as 2 points for 3 bowls, unless you used a lot of stock?

What do you put in your soup?

I always make the same...Butternut Squash, carrots, red onion, red pepper, veg stock cubes and lots of black pepper....yum yum! Think I might have to get some ingredients in actually, now you've got me craving some! Haha
I cook mine in a huge stock pot. I use 3 veg stock cubes.

I use carrots, onions, mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflower, a carton of tomato passata and same as you ... at least a half pot of black pepper LOL!


Oh God.. Im drooling.....

No in a good way!!! its veg for Gods sake!! he he
Ooh, yum - I never thought I'd see the day that I'd use 'yum' and 'veg' in the same sentence, but I bet that really is nice, lol.

I'm gonna try your veg curry for lunch tomorrow Jools! The sad bit is that I'm really looking forward to it! Lol!!


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like a thick tomato sauce liked tinned tom but thicker and nicer. I think its beacuse they amount of cals your body uses to process the food makes it no points no matter how much you had obv not all one sitting lol


Bye bye bellies!!!
That reminds me - 0 point soup - im off to Asda now! Everytime I want something I can have a bowl of soup instead! Well thats the idea anyway....!



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Hi guys,
I hate vegetables, and today I made zero point soup and I have gotta tell ya!! I loved it!!!!!!!!! I havent even eaten it yet, but I tried it and it was lovely....tasted like korma sauce to me!!! Bring it on!!!!

Tomorrow, but I'm not expecting any loss because I've only actually done 2 days on the diet. I weighed in on the 1st Jan (last Tuesday) so thought I may as well stick with Tuesdays...just mean I'll probably have a bit of a gain tomorrow. Once that's out the way though I can get on with it!

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