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Does it really work?


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I am debating doing SW vs calorie counting. I bought the manuals from ebay and have a few mags to last me a few months then I will join the online body optimise again.

I am veggie, so will be doing green only and feeding my family on it too.

What I want to know is can it really work? There seems to be so many carbs to eat, I can't see how one can lose weight on this.

I also have heard of people stopping it and putting the weight back on, but I was hoping this is a lifestyle thing and you continue to eat like that the rest of your life.

Does green only work? Can eating freely carbs work?
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Yes it can and it does! There is a veggie in our group and she loses nearly every week. And I've lost on green only weeks too.

Good luck in your journey, whatever it is in the end :) xxx


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Yes it does work and you will lose weight doing only green days, the SW diet is ideal for vegetarians.

Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your weight loss. X


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amazing stuf...


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It most definately does work, but only if you stick to the plan. There's a lot more to it than simply "eating a lot of carbs". Granted the free foods on the Green plan are carb-rich foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes, but you also get all your nutrients from the healthy extras and "naughty-ness" from syns. As a veggy you can get a lot of protein from eggs and Quorn.

The idea of free foods is to fill you up, the Green plan ff's fill you up and slowly release energy (which is great for diabetics). Can I ask which version of the books you've got and which ones?

It's the same with any diet, if you stop doing it and go back to your old eating habbits then of course you will gain weight.

SW is an ideal plan to follow for life. All you need for SW to work is focus, motivation, the will to change your bad habbits and follow the plan to the letter.

Hope that helps

Natt xxx


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I think any diet works if you stick to it, the beauty of SW though is it isn't like being on a diet but a way of eating healthily for life.
I am veggie and have had consistent losses - I average 1.5 lbs a week which is what is recommended and I am never short of things to eat.
It is certainly a lot easier than counting calories as there is hardly anything you need to count so that has to be a bonus lol
Good luck with whatever you decide :)

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