does it work?

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  1. .Nicki.

    .Nicki. Minimin Addict

    Does this work or is it just a pyramid scheme?
    I have tried a trial in the past but the supplier was a bit full on and I never went back.
    I'm tempted to try again but has anyone stuck with it long term and lost a lot?
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  3. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Iv lost 11lbs in the 5weeks iv been doing It, so im quite new to it still. Also lost nearly 10inches all over. Really like the products, shame ur distributor was so full on before xxx

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  4. fatmumof1

    fatmumof1 Full Member

    I have lost 28lbs. So yes it does work. What do you mean by pyramid scheme?

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  5. jadestar86

    jadestar86 Full Member

    The pyramid scheme is where the distributors try to get you to become a distributor and so fourth (very simple explanation).

    I think like any 'diet' it will work if you stick to it and what makes this good is it is NOT a crash diet, you will not lose loads in one go but you will lose, it does curb the cravings, keeps you full and 'teaches' you to be healthier. x
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