does jogging= more weight loss?????


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hiya all u lovely peeps,just a quick question,i am thinking of starting jogging,i am already a member at the gym but i think the gym will take to much out of me,i want to lose as much weight as possible each week so if i go jogging aswell will this mean i will lose extra weight or is my body only capable of losing so much while on lipotrim?? i want to get down to 10 st but as fast as possible:rolleyes::rolleyes: lol he he he:D:D xxxxxxx
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Im defo no expert but if you do heavy cardio you are at risk of actually hindering yer weight loss by your body putting itself into starvation mode. If you wana exercise its reccomended to do some light toning.

Although saying that, a couple people have done the occassional cardio workout and still lost amazing amounts :)


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I run 5k at least 5 times per week, i never feel light headed, in fact i feel wonderful after it, my weight loss has slowed down a bit but i think thats because i'm close to my goal weight. I'm definately losing inches and toning whilst doing it. I also spoke to the pharmacist and she said it shouldn't hinder me but i do worry sometimes as i burn a lot of calories. Remember we're all different. I'm just at that stage where i have to do it, a bit obsessed unfortunately, which i see as a good thing for the future! good luck to whatever you decide