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I got three last week (I get 2 weeks supply) I still have 2 of them the one I had was toffee it was OK but nothing to go mad over, I'll have another one this week its chocolate, but I reckon being the same texture I wont really be mad about that one either. I'm going to give my second toffee one back to my CDC :)


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Hi. I have a 2 to 3 bars a week. I didn't like toffee at all but the cranberry and caramel one were nice. May try the chocolate one this week. Some of them can give you wind so could be a reason why peeople don't have them. Also they are higher in carbs and I imagine the chewing may trigger cravings for food for some (hence I limit myself to only 2 or 3 per week). I could see it being a trigger for me if I were not careful.


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I've not had one yet and I'm not really that fussed about them. I may try one in the future if I get bored!
Peanut every day from week 3

I'll have these even when I'm not on CD
I've just noticed reading some of the posts that most people have 3 shakes a day and no bars - is there a reason for this?? I have been having 1 bar a day since the start and i really look forward to it in the evening


Hi Sharon,

I eat them, I love them and they keep me going. When I don't have any I am panicking and more likely to nibble on other things...
Usually have mine in the evening as well and if it was possible I would live of the damn things....
I also feel like they keep my sweet tooth under control which is great. No cravings whatsoever...



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I always have them.

1 for lunch with a cup of tea while everyone elso is having thier yummy lunchs!

I like all the flavours except for the peanut. When you open the peanut it smells like a snickers but its pretty flavourless after that.

I dont take the shakes they're very sweet. So I have a semi frozen chocolate tetra for brekkie then bar for lunch and soup for dinner
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I have 1 every day, I'd have more if I could. The cramberry is yum. I keep mine in the freezer.


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I have Choc Orange bar most days, or Cranberry. Lovely with a cup of coffee. I look forward to them as a treat and eat them in the evening as I find them a lot more filling than shakes or soups so it stops me having cravings for bf's dinner.
Also takes ages to eat them :)

Mrs B

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I have two a week. I love them but they make me hungry. I also keep mine in the freezer.
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I like most of the bars but only ever have peanut or cranberry because I prefer the oaty texture. Once in ketosis I usually have one a day.
As for them being higher in carbs, I'm sure I read on here somewhere that the peanut and cranberry are actually lower in carbs than the shakes (maybe a CDC can confrim that).
I have had them every day since day 1. My CDC said some people are more carb resistant than others and that if I wanted to try I could. No problems with me. I am doing SS+ and on some days have 2 bars with no ill effects. I like the toffee and the orange. I slice them up really thin and stick in freezer for 1/2 hours first. Yum with a nice big glass of fizzy water with a spoon of flavorings in it. I am 3 weeks in and have lost 12 lbs so am happy! I only have two stone to loose and it doesn't seem to be hindering my loss.
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Ive had 1most if not everyday from week 2. I like the toffee ones best, however have gone 4 the peanut ones this week, as i only lost 2 last wk and sts this week!!! And the malt toffee have more carbs. Dunno what id do without them or the water flavour! x x x x x
I have had a cranberry/peanut bar everyday since week 3. I have tried the toffe/caramel/choccie ones but they had a rather windy after affect (blush) and the texture was pretty horrible. I always have an additional glass of water while I eat the bar (as recommended by my CDC). The peanut and cranberry bars are alot lower in carbs than the other flavours - they contain 13.7g per bar. The soups and shakes contain around the same amount (think even a tiny bit more).

Give them a whirl - I think they add a bit of variety into the diet and they are GREAT when nothing but chocolate will do!!

Kj xx


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I have bars , sometimes 2 aday otherdays 1 bar , and shakes too , it just breaks the diet up a bit i put mine in the freezer for 30 mins so last longer , things we do lol
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i dont eat the bars... just shakes for me!
didnt want to get into a nibbling habit...

i think im quite carb sensitive so best i avoid them anyway!

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