Does the jelly belly ever go?


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good question, its what im worried about too, having had 2 kids aswell will i ever get a firm torso ever again....


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From what I've heard, weight never goes evenly. There is always one part of you body that waits til the last minute to snap back! You'll get there!


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I'm also worried about this! Scared that if I lose the amount of weight I want to, that I will have loose saggy skin on my tummy and belly :(


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Hya :welcome2:

well done on your weight loss so far :party0011:
Im not too sure about the jelly belly as I have one too, it's the one part of my body that I hate the most :sigh: xx

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I think it all just depends on the person as to wether the jelly belly will ever go or not after you've lost weight.
Some people dont have excess skin while others have loads.

Personally I would rather live with saggy skin and be otherwise healthy than be as big as I am now and at risk of all sorts of health problems.

Claire x
Thank you for the all the replies.

I have been really lucky, so far no loose skin. Which I think is because I have never lost more than 2lbs a week.

I know I shouldn't be complaining about my stomach considering the fact a few months ago I hated my entire body and now I just hate bits of me:eek: