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Does the weight come off slower when you exercise?

Hi just curious about the weight loss when you exercise I have read that if you do more you lose less especially in the first weeks, is this true?

Curious as I currently walk at least 2hrs a day pushing a heavy buggy with a baby and toddler on it.

Emma xXx
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See I get quite sweaty and out of breath (yuck lol) but I can't stop doing it as it's the school run, ah well will just have to stick at it and hope it improves!

Emma xXx
I found that weight did come of a little slower in the weeks I exercised more. But I do a lot of exercise (every day at the gym, sometimes twice a day) so I think that's why it had an impact. Also, on the days I had really hard sessions I find it hard to drink the 4 litres of water, plus all the water I lose during exercise so that's possibly a reason.
It's not possible to build muscle when you're in ketosis. In fact, my muscle has wasted significantly. But I couldn't let myself not exercise for the fact that it's not much good for your heart not to do anything. Even if it doesn mean losing an extra 1lb some weeks.
Ultimately it all balances out and from a personal point of view, I'd rather be able to run for the bus or climb the stairs (both of which are significantly easier these days!) without thinking I'm going to die than than have to do a few less weeks cos my weight has come of quicker.

Laststraw- really annoying about the 'muscle weights more than fat' thing. Also hate 'my muscle will turn to fat' too. IT CAN'T- IT'S MUSCLE IS MUSCLE, FAT IS FAT!! lol :)

Maini thing during this diet is to stay 'active' and not just wait for the fat to fall off. Otherwise your body will get a real shock when you start eating again


LighterLife Returner
Muscle does definately weigh more than fat!! :)

Just like Gold weighs more than Aluminium, for example. If you get two blocks that are the same size, one made of gold and one made of Aluminium, then the glod block will weigh more - its more dense.

Similarly, get two blocks the same size, one of muscle and one of fat, the muscle block will weigh more.

Easy to test: In a supermarket, compare 250g lard with 250g of lean meat (like a cut or bonless steak) - the lard is bigger!

Some people use it as an excuse for being overweight (i.e. I have more muscle!) so people try and counter that by saying that muscle weighs the same as fat - but that is not true.

I find that weights/toning speeds up weight loss, while cardio doesn't do much for me, I think it can vary from person to person,


Mr. Mini Me

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Muscle does not weight more than fat.


Muscle is denser and weighs more BY VOLUME than fat.

5lbs of fat will be around 3x the SIZE of 5lbs of muscle.
Fat is bulky and takes up lots of room
Muscle is streamlined and takes up little room.

So yes, a pound is a pound.
but a pound of fat is 3 times larger physically than a pound of muscle.

Hence the reason why it's easier to make your waist measure 40" than your biceps :p


LighterLife Returner
"Muscle does not weight more than fat.


Muscle is denser and weighs more BY VOLUME than fat."

That just means: Muscle does weigh more than fat. Agreed :)

Lets not confuse two issues: Water weighs more than air means Water is heavier than air. Gold weighs more than water means Gold is heavier than water.

Muscle weighs more than fat means muscle is heavier than fat.

Playing with words, you start getting: 'A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle' which is obviously true - but as Pete explains above, the simple fact is, Muscle is heavier than fat.

Therefore, if there were two people, Person A and person B. Person A has more muscle than B, then person A will appear thinner than person B, even though they are of the same weight. This is because Person A has more muscle.

I hope this clarifies things, as a lot of websites have the silly 'A pound of this is the same as a pound of that rubbish'.

Ask for some fat from your butcher next time, whip out the kitchen scales, and try it yourself :)
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but ultimately, a lb is a lb so that's that!

My REAL issue is when people say they don't want to have too much muscle because it will TURN INTO FAT.

This is physically impossible!

Muscle can become less toned, but it's still muscle!

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