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does the weight loss slow down



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Well done on losing 7lb!:happy096:

The first week is mostly glycogen and after that your body turns into a fat burning machine.

The amount you lose the first week has no bearing on what you will lose each week after that.

Over all it works out on average of around a stone a month for a woman and a stone an half for a man and some women I find who are over 5' 6" tend to lose more weekly than those under it.

It really all depends on many variables from metabolism, sex, age, height and how active you are and how good you are on your diet.

Everyone is so different...I have seen some slow down as they near goal and others speed up probably due to incorporating exercise or increasing it due to feeling better in themselves.

Some members have their weight loss recorded in their signatures and you can see from all the different signatures no two people are the same even if they are on the exact same diet.

Love Mini xxx
hi, just to echo what Mini said really - but you can see from my sig that weight loss is up and down and really can vary a lot (some of mine are fortnightly weigh ins)

we're all wonderfully different so it's hard to give an indication of what you might lose. it could be 1lb, it could be 5lb.#

but do it 100% over a sustained period of time and you can achieve your weight loss goals :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Nothing more I can add to the above :) xxx


A little of everything!
Ditto the above. I lost 7lbs the first week, 4lbs the next and 2lbs most weeks since.


Here we go again!
My average weekly loss was 4lbs. Really pleased with that. No other diet would I have lost that much so consistently. Stick with it 100% and it all evens out to about stone a month.
yeah it's like the others have said, I was worried too, because I lost less and less as the week went, but when I realise i am actually loosing fat i rejoice. my average weekly as been 3-4lbs.
am hoping they dont slow down too much personally but unfortunatley yeah they do as you get closer to goal

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