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Does this diet make you stupid too??

Well, I'm officially stupid!! Doesn't help that this diet makes my brain like mush - how I've not crashed my car over the last two weeks, I'll never know!

So, today I went to pick up a friend and when I was putting the baby in her car seat I put my brand new - recieved on Saturday - Windows 7 mobile phone on the roof of the car. Yep, you guessed it, I forgot and drove off. Suffice to say I no longer have a shiny new phone, in fact, I no longer have any phone....:cry: Whoever picked it up from the road must have thought it was Xmas!

I have a lovely new, 2 year contract now on a mobile phone that I lost after two days...I think that qualifies me as stupid, don't you? It's going to cost me £330 to replace it, as I also, very clever of me, declined the insurance.

Anyway...on the bright side, I have managed to stick to my diet, despite thinking that a glass or two of wine would be quite lovely right now.....
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Yep, I was gone literally 40 minutes, and got back and my husband rang it but it was switched off. I retraced my steps and no sign of it. I have reported myself as officially stupid at the police station, but they haven't had it handed in. It's now unusable as T Mobile have blocked the SIM and handset, so that's something, but feel very depressed this evening! :-(
There is only a Co-op round the corner, and they know me well in there, so no luck! I bought another one today, which cost me £230. You certainly live and learn. Just off to Google phone insurance....
Oh noo! My brother recently brought an iphone, it fell out his pocket whilst he was dropping his friend off, he didn't realise until he got in his car, reversed and


Bye bye iphone!!


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You have my every sympathy, Poppy. :)

And in answer to your original question:

Does this diet make you stupid too??
I'm afraid the answer is, yes, I think it probably can. :D Temporarily, at any rate. I can get incredibly woolly headed when I'm in ketosis. Some people feel all lively and as sharp as a button - me, my brain turns to mush.

I've learned to deal with it but it does seem to take me twice as long to take things in as it does when I'm eating carbs.
Oh yeah it certainly does ;)

Especially the first few days for me and every so often even now. DH thinks it's hysterical some of the stupid comments I come out with :D
My husband is scared to let me drive his car lately, in case I come back with just the steering wheel....


please try again
driving can be scary, i arrive places and wonder what on earth im doing there

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