Does this sound alright?

Okay, so today was my first day following the Slimming World plan. I'd really like to ensure a good loss this week, to help keep me motivated. Like many other people, I'm afraid I'm eating too much!
Does this look okay?
I'm particularly concerned with how much I ate for Lunch - Although the majority of which was free food!

I'm on a Green day!;

Breakfast; Banana.

Lunch; 3x Dairylea Light triangles (Healthy extra) 3x Crackabread (1 Syn per cracker) Orange, Cherry Tomatoes, a
Banana and a Fat free Shape Yogurt.

Dinner; Jacket potato with beans.

Drinks; Diet Pepsi & Water.

Also, could someone be so kind as to post what they ate today, just so I can look at it comparitively?

Thanks so much.
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ok :D well looking at it, you seem to be 1 and a half HexA short and both HexB's short and only 3 syns (I think you get 6 light triangles for 1HexA) might be wrong, I need to check

You should really be having 2 HexA's, 2 Hexb's and around 10 - 15 syns. Go eat some more LOL.

Maybe for breakfast you could have banana on 2 slices of wholemeal toast? or some cerial

I don't do many green days myself, but i hope Mrs V doesn't mind, I grabbed this from her food diary.

Mullerlite yoghurt
Mugshot noodles cup a snack
Grapes & Cherries
Cheese and potato pie (2oz cheese) (HeA, HeB) with tinned chopped tomatoes
Smash pizza topped with sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers and red onion sprinkled with 2oz cheese. (HeB and 6 syns)
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I do green everyday ..

today I had

2 weetabix and milk for breakfast, plus a banana (1 hex a and 1 hex b)

Lunch I had pasta n sauce mac n cheese made with water which is 1 syn, with a huge salad and then fruit for pudding

Dinner I had baked potato, beans and 42g reduced cheddar (hex b).

I have had my other hex a as milk for drinks.

Tonight I have snacked on fruit and a curly wurly (6 syns)

hope that helps


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Definitely not too much

I agree with the others if anything you might not have eaten enough.

This was one of the strangest things I found when I did SW for the 1st time but eating more actually helped me to loose weight then and I'm hoping it will this time too!!


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S: 24st8.5lb C: 22st10lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(7.69%)
I've just read your age in another thread ;) Have you joined a SW class or doing it on your own? The reason I ask, is that there is a Free 2 Go section on the slimming world website that might give you some good hints and tips, but you will need the password given out at your class if you joined one.


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I agree with others if LC triangles you can have 5 light and 6 extra light...
I also wouldnt have more than 1 banana a day either as they are free yes but do have naturall sugar and quite high in calories!



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You should be having one OR two healthy a's and two healthy b's.

You should also have between 5 and 15 syns a day, 10 is a good number to stick to.

I have one healthy a and no more than 10 syns a day and I lose really well when I stick to it.


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I eat more than that, here's one of my green food days: -

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with 3 slices weightwatchers brown danish topped with laughing cow and marmite.

snacks: apple, banana

Lunch: cold savoury rice with 2 quorn sausages, and a yogurt

Dinner: lots of spagetti topped with pasta sauce made with lots of tomatoes and veg, and swedish quorn balls. yogurt for dessert. parmesan on the pasta (hex a)

Supper: 2 cups of cocoa made with water and topped with skimmed milk (2 syns) and an alpen light (3 syns).

I had all my hex a's and b's that day.


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u need to be eatting loads more hun. don't worry u will still lose weight the more u eat on sw the better your losses
good luck