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Does weight loss slow down?


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Morning ladies

I've been doing Atkins for 3 weeks and found your posts both inspirational and helpful, especially your meal suggestions. Now I think I have a dumb question.

I didn't weigh myself when I started because I couldn't bring myself to look at what I weighed after having lost loads on Lipotrim last year. Sooooo after 2 weeks I stood on the scales because I could tell I'd lost a fair amount so could maybe face the figures! Sure enough, I was 9.7, about 10 -14 more than I want to be. That I could cope with! Now I've weighed this morning and only lost 2. Whilst a bit disappointed, I'm thinking that with relatively little to lose, my weight loss wont be much higher than a couple of pounds. Is that right? Does Atkins slow down the nearer you are to your target?

Thanks for reading :)
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I think you will always lose less the nearer to your goal you are, and you're not really overweight any more are you??? but, it may just be fluctuation and you'll lose some more next week, if it's totm or occasionally you might retain water for a few weeks. Anyway, i think what I'm saying is stick with it and don't get despondent it'll happen!

Good luck. x


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Ah bless you both for answering so quickly. I thought so, and it makes perfect sense, doesn't it?!

I'm not despondent at all, just thrilled with myself for having nipped my gain in the bud this time. I've lost count of the times I've lost loads then let it all creep back on. This is the first time I've ever ever ever managed to get a grip before things have got way out of control.

Thanks again.


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2lbs a week is supposed to be the perfect weight to lose. A lot of us are impatient hence Lipotrim or Cambridge Diet, but if you want to eat and lose it steadily then you sound like you are on track hun.

A bag of sugar of fat in a week is a good loss hun!!


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Thanks Shaz. When I think of the time I spent trying to lose on WW (and did lose, but very slowly), just losing 1lb a week, my littel 2lb is great! WW is good for me for maintaining, but too slow if I'm trying to lose any. I love this Atkins, but honestly am a bit bored of the food, but not hungry either, so it's not too much of a problem. And when I get fed up, I just feel my ribs and hip bones and remind myself IT WORKS!!

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