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Does your Partner make staying on plan difficult?


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Hi All,

Does anyone find their partner gets in the way of staying on plan?

Im quite lucky as my fiance body builds so he eats loads of lean meat, veg, salads and wholemeal rice etc but he has 1 day a week where he eats what he wants.

Its usually domino's pizza which is my absolute fav and its really hard to resist but i do because i know i have to. I dont get a downer on him either because he works really hard with his training and his nutrition so i know his 1 day off a week is important.

I personally would find it really difficult if he was a junk food junkie or wanted to eat unhealthy foods all the time because i would be too tempted.

Does anyone have this problem?
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My hubby is being great, he needs to lose a couple of stones so he has joined in with me and he's lost 7lbs so far so he is happy, he is being supportive too and not tempting me to buy 'naughty' foods, so yes I am staying on plan without any hassles, he has the occassional slice of pizza or a bag of chips but he has these at work at lunchtime, so he satisfies his cravings without ruining my diet and he is losing a few pounds too.


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my husband is amazing he has lost 5 stone just following it by what i eat,his will power is fantastic if he falls off the wagon its because i have said come on lets have this,he had to work away a couple of weeks ago,he stopped in a hotel and chose the best food he could and when they bought pizza chips burgers etc into the office he went without dunno if i could of done lol,he gained 3 lb that week and was gutted he has to go again the end of the month and he has his pasta and sauces ready to take with him lol


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My partner is sort of following it with me so when I cook the recipes he eats them too. He says he actually enjoys the meals too. When he is at work he takes a salad but I tell him if he wants a snack from the canteen then he can, just don't tell me about it lol!! He knows how much it means to me though so he has been really good infront of me! now I absolutely love pizzas so if he ate a pizza esp dominos in front of me I would find it very hard lol!!


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When i first started my oh was a little bit naughty as he used to sit down in the evening coming in with stuff every half and hour but as the weight has started to come off me i think he has started thinking perhaps he could do with losing a bit of weight himself! So he has started this week trying to be healthy and cutting right down on his best friend BEER!!!

Mrs V

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My Hubby had a gastric band last year a week after I had mine...we both vowed that we would support each other through thick and thin...what he actually meant was: he would support me as I followed the SW and he would have curry and rubbish throughout the week!
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Have to say, mine is brilliant. I do most of the cooking, so he eats what I eat, but if i ask him to cook, he makes whatever I suggest :D
Also, being a skinny, he can eat what he wants, but actually isn't a big snacker or muncher (partly why he's so slim I think! Talk about the eating habits of naturally slim people...lol).
He enjoys a glass of wine or whisky most evenings and he'll have something like pizza or curry if I'm out! LOL!!!


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Just to put another spin on this, are most of your partners underweight, average or overweight and do you think that makes a difference?

Mine is a muscle head so i supposed he would be overweight but its not fat, its all muscle :p


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S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
My hubby is about 2sts overweight, but he has a fairly heavy job and he is very active all the time, he had his first cholesterol test a few weeks ago and the Dr was pleased with it but asked him to try and lose the 2sts - which he is doing, so he is about average I suppose.


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My boyfriend makes it really hard for me to stick to the diet, but it's not intentional. He tries his best to support me, and he generally does, but if he fancies a pizza, or cheesy chips, he'll pick me some up - which I then can't say no to, and end up eating :(

He's just classed as normal weight, but he's definitely borderline underweight. However, this past two weeks, he's been doing better than me at the healthy eating, so I think I've become more of a bad influence to myself! :)

Mrs V

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My Hubby is over weight!
My OH is being TOO helpful!! Lol! I came in the other day and he was on my exercise bike (hahaha), which made me feel bad for not being on it myself. Then he frowned at me when I suggested we get a chinese (I was only have chow mein, which I was actually allowed because I'd had no syns all day!), which made me feel bad for eating it. I wish he'd just let me get on with it and stop watching what I'm eating all the time - I feel like I'm living in a diet version of Big Brother at the moment, haha
That said - he'll be the first one to suggest we get a takeaway (pizza - my fav!!) at the weekend...


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my oh always say to me.... Are you sure you are meant to be eating that! It drives me insane! Or the other one is Dont you think that is too much!!!


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Mine is being generally supportive. He does all the cooking and I've banned him from using oil as he never measured it :eek: but he uses the frylight now! (Jamie Oliver has nothing to worry about! Some of it is pretty tasteless he doesn't really do seasoning.) I've ordered the Curry book from class as he can follow a recipe pretty well.
He's lost 17 lbs without really trying! whilst I've worked really hard for my 19.5! Grrr! I just have to stop him buying wine boxes as I get carried away ,whereas a bottle runs out! He eats things after I go to bed too!


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My hubby does most of the cooking as he loves it and I don't!
He has been pretty supportive, and has been going through my SW recipe books for ideas.
He also always asks for my approval first!
I do the shopping so I get in the right ingredients so he is not tempted to go wild!
I really do appreciate this all as it helps me a lot.
What does irritate me a lot is that he has the old non mindset about eating too much and is always telling me I must stop it.
He doesn't comprehend that I can eat LOADS of free stuff!
He is of average weight with a slight beer belly. He loves his beer as well as copious amounts of chocolate cake and biscuits!
I am proud to say that I am not even tempted to have any of it, and when he munches away on cake I eat my muller light or fruit and enjoy that!


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My hubby is quite good,he eats what i eat,and has the odd takeaway while he's at work which doesn't bother me.
Although he is a pain when we go shopping with the cake isle as mentioned in another thread lol;)

He is a skinny and was in a 34 waist now he's in a 32,so doesn't really need to lose weight lol

Scarlet Daisy

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My OH is encouraging and supportive but he is about 3 stone underweight himself (and 6' 6'' tall!) so he doesn't really "get" how food can be a problem to resist.

He says he wants to start his own slimming club and yell at people "STOP EATING SO MUCH!! CAN'T YOU SEE HOW FAT YOU ARE?!" for £4 a week (which he reasons will be cheaper for them than attending SW).

It might work.

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