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Does your weight fluctuate?


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Okay, last Friday I was 9wks maintaining. I've had the odd night out (well, twice!) which usually results in a 2-3lbs gain, always gone a few days later though. 2wks ago after my last night out it took nearly a week to go, and I was panicking a bit? But it was the week before my totm- traditionally a bit of a 'bloat' week for me so I put it down to that?

Now since Saturday morning I've been 10st 10lbs, a gain of 3lbs....consistently every morning since, but didn't do anything different? I didn't eat/drink out, I haven't tried any 'new' foods, I'm drinking plenty (but not too much), and it's not a 'toilet' issue? I've been so good- choosing the 'right' foods to keep me on track until I return to TFR in a few weeks, but now I'm worried the weight is returning even though I'm eating around my bmr (i.e. enough to keep my system healthy, and 'supposedly' to lose!)

Anyone any thoughts? Should I worry just yet?
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i fluctuate, alot, can be between 5 & 6 lbs, like you after a night out or a weekend, but if i mind myself the following days it goes,
and that was always the way with me i remember one time i was on ww and went to scotland for the weekend ate and drank around me and put up 7lb,!!!
i wonder is it to do with the amount of coffee i drink? i think i heard somewere its ment to retain water!
not much help to you except to say your are not on your own!!


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Thats just it- I don't mind a temporary gain when I've had a night 'off', but this gain just appeared out of nowhere?! I've been drinking more 'plain' water this last few days in case it was retention but its not making a difference yet?
I weigh at least twice a day (I know, it's a vice! LOL!) and every night I weigh (on average) 4lbs heavier than first thing in the morning, and it's always back down the next morning. So when this 'gain' didn't disappear I was quite alarmed, more so now it's not budging?!
dont weigh yourself so much once a week is enough. Also think about what you are eating, how many calories, try maybe be cutting them down a few days and see how that works. Problem is you know if you are getting stressed about it, this can also have an impact as you can gain weight when stressed. Good luck.
I dont have the answers either Irish, maybe its still a hormonal problem wtih TOTM.

I weigh once a day, but always first thing when out of bed and owing to nights off my weight can fluctuate from 10-1 - 10-5.


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I just wanted to to offer support....but I have no answers..I am not one for weighing myself so I never know if I have put on or not (when eating).

Why dont you write down your weight tomorrow morning, write on here everything you have eaten.....then the next day, record your weight again. Maybe someone can shed some light...it could be something you are eating and you are not aware of it..it might just help a little Irish.

Thinking of you, but stress cant be helping you either, so hope you can relax a little and can get to the bottom of it as I know you are doing so well and the most determined person I have seen on the forum..esp when it has been so tough for you.

Take care


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Well, I'm down a lb this morning, and didn't change anything yesterday?! I've been asking advice on a few other maintenence forums, and their views were that they allow themselves a weight 'range' 3-5lbs usually?), rather than a 'goal weight'. This gives a little lee-way and theres not so much stress when the weight fluctuates a bit? This sounds like a way to keep my sanity? LOL!

I need to weigh everyday at the minute. I need/want to know how different foods/totm etc affect my weight to prevent me freaking out if theres a gain some days. I don't mind daily fluctuations- they happen when I've had a heavy meal the night before, or if I've had a few beers, or if it's around my totm- it's the gains for no reason I'm trying to figure out.
But the general consensus seems to be to relax a bit, and if the gains grow & grow, then examine what I'm eating/drinking/what exercise I'm doing and stop it before it gets out of hand?
Some of the problem might actually be that I'm not eating enough. I'm still really watching what I'm eating as I intend to return to TFR in a few weeks and need to keep a bit of discipline for that- so my system is probably still running on a bit of a go-slow rate?
So I guess I need to take a chill-pill and go with the flow for a while. One of the 'excess' lbs are gone this morning so if I keep to a 2-3lb range I'll consider that a success!
Great way to look at it and congratulations on the 1lb down.

Thats exactly how I manage my weight now, I cut down the day after a heavy day and the alarm bells ring when those scales show 10st 5lb. That is the maximum I allow it to go to before I take a little more drastic action. I am most comfortable at 10st 2lb which I was today.


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Hi Irish,
sounds like you got good advice there. It must be best to allow a weight loss/gain of a few pounds once it is a set ammount and you don't go over it. I know W.W. allows a 5lb weight gain for it's gold members and once inside that they don't pay. Hope you are feeling better today.


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
Thanks Doirin. I'm back down to 10st 9lbs this morning, and off for a weekend in Dublin- so it'll be interesting to see what that puts on! LOL! No point in saying I won't gain, as I WILL gain water weight from the few beers and restaurant/pub food (no matter how healthy I choose!) But I intend to enjoy it, without going over the top!


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I think everyone has a weight range rather than a set weight, it wouldn't be natural not to fluctuate but it CAN be rather disconcerting I know!

I really think that not being able to get weighed (ie while I was in Greece) had a detrimental effect. I'm sure if I could have I wouldn't have done as much damage. As the days went on and I didn't feel any different I was having more. It was only the last few days that I discovered a new 'muffin' which I'm sure the scales would have warned me about a lot sooner!

Hope you're having a FAB weekend xx

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