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Doing it my way....but it's working!

Grrr I'm so annoyed with myself. I first started Exante on 26/08/11 and was doing well for a while. Then I went on holiday then was ill and I've not been able to get back the motivation properly.

My poor diet buddy must think I've fallen off the face of the planet!

If I had stuck with it I would've been half way to goal by now. As it is I've lost 23lbs and still have a hell of alot to go. I start the day thinking 'I can do this' and by tea time I'm snacking and going '1 won't hurt'.

I am currently the lightest I have been since I had my DD nearly 2 years ago. It's like there's a wall infront of me and it's stopping me moving forward into the 14's. I've been hovering around 15st 3/ 15st4 all week.

I need a kick up the bum! I think my OH is scared to upset me, he says I'm fine as I am, but I'm not. I need to get rid of the weight.

I can see a little difference in my waist already and my legs as starting to wobble less. I have a Xmas night out on the 17th and we're all getting dressed up in fancy dresses for it. I'd love to be fitting a 14 by then. I've gone from a 20/22 to a 16/18 already.

Maybe keeping a diary will help to keep me focused. I've dug out my Beck cards again (they were gathering dust on top of the fridge) and I've cleared out the chocolate biscuits.

Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. I know complaining doesn't shift the lbs and only I can make it happen.
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You've done so well so far ... now finish this journey!! :p

Good luck - we're all behind you x


Doing it exante style :)
Good luck :D you should feel proud of how far you've come already xx
So far today I've stuck to it, a shake for breakfast and a bar for lunch. Drinking lots of coke zero which I find satisfies the sweet tooth without the sugar. Not even licked the little one's yoghurt lid!!

Away to make the OH's tea. This is where real temptation kicks in. Between his tea then coffee and biscuits in the evening..... I'm reminding myself why I'm doing this.

I don't want to be a fat mummy.
I want to be a sexy, slim bride.
I don't want to wobble when I run.
Smaller clothes, being able to go into any shop, pick up clothes and know that my size will be there.... the list could go on and on.

I need to break into the 14st's asap. I am 15st1 now.... going in the right direction.

Thanks for the support guys x
Pretty good thanks. I've been at work all day so don't get a chance to think about food. It's the evening's that are really really hard. I'm getting there though. I had a little nibble of OH's tea but I'm ok with it. I'd rather have a little nibble now and then and keep going than go off the rails and eat everything in sight.
Danii you are so close to your goal, well done. I can't wait til I'm that close!
Well another day of not quite 100%TS but just stood on the scales and they say 15st 1 which considering the amount I've had to drink today, it's looking good for tomorrow morning.

I'm an obsessive weigher. As soon as I wake up, after I've pee'd, before and after pooping (always interesting to see how much it's changed!) and any time I walk past them. I have to weigh naked though so there have been a few times the postie's come to the door in the middle of the day and I've had a mad dash to throw on my clothes and get to the door. Goodness knows what he thinks I'm doing!

I think I can do TS properly tomorrow. My OH is working late so it's just me and the baby. I'm not working so I don't have to have food shoved under my nose every minute of the day. I really want to do 1 day properly to prove to myself I can do it.
So after reading some other folks diaries, planning seems to be the way forward. So tomorrow I will-
*have 3 shakes
*drink at least 3l of liquid (won't promise it'll be water)
*do 20 mins of Zumba on the Wii
Hmmm not a good start to the day. Scales put me at 15st2.... :(

Never mind. Going to do my zumba then clean the house and if it's nice in the afternoon the little one and I are going to the park.
I'VE DONE IT!!!! MY FIRST 100% TS DAY!!!!!

I'm so proud of myself, I have only had shakes today along with lots of liquids (tea and dr pepper zero) and not a single thing else.

Feeling good!
Thanks, it's been easier than I thought it would be. Away to bed now and I don't feel as if I've missed out on anything. Tomorrow is a challenge as working 10am til 8pm so lunch and tea at work but I'll have a shake and bar with me so no excuses. And at least the only time I can eat is on my breaks so I just have to stay strong then.
Ok so this morning I'm 15st 0.25lb! Aarrggghhh!! My body is determined to make me work to get under 15 st. Considering shaving my head to loose that bit of a lb!

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