Doing something before Lighter Life

Hi Guys!

Just after your advice really, Im due to start lighter life on the 11th January! which im really excited about! I dont want to continue now eating rubbish and feeling rubbish! I was thinking about doing slim fast prior to lighter life to get into the routine of having shakes etc! do you think this would be a good idea or should i just wait to begin LL


Richard x
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The best thing to do would be to cut down on your carbs prior to starting, this would help ease you more gently into ketosis and stop bad carb withdrawals x x


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tbh i would just try and eat a bit more healthily. i know its frustrating waiting, but to put yourself through the 'hell' of slimfast seems a bit pointless -- you will feel hungry, grumpy etc - once you start LL the weight will drop off so fast and you don't get the hunger feeling you do on slim fast.

reduce your carbs a bit possibly the week before, but spend your time reading as much stuff good and bad about LL so when you start you are an expert on what to expect -read the reviews, google it, read peoples blogs etc

daisy x


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Agree with the others - like Daisy say's, you will feel hungry on Slimfast and could lose your oomph for starting LL in gear. Just eat less/no bread, potatoes etc. Try and cut down on sugary stuff and booze and you should hit ketosis less painfully.


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Agreed, I cut my carbs, wine, all the bad things before I started and it really helped me get into ketosis faster and have less carb withdrawal symptoms! Also read, read, read about LL, get yourself into the right headspace, plan some goals, do some visualising of your new slim life, write a letter to yourself about why you want to do this!!

Good Luck Hun



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Yep /\ /\ /\ /\ espec the low/no carbs thing.


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I know how you feel, I was so desperate to start LL, I wished away the 14 days before my official start.

As well as cutting down on the carbs I would suggest upping your water intake (something I struggled with!) Good luck x


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yeah i agree up the water intake for sure so when your ready to begin ll you'll easily maintain the 3 litres of water a day


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I personally didn't change anything before I started and did not suffer any ill effects in those first few days.

I started the foodpacks on the Thurs morning and was in ketosis by mid afternoon on the Saturday.

Good luck with your journey! It is a very exciting and life changing time for you.

Kat xx