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Doing SW and WW at the same time!!!

And all for love! My darling man has to lose weight as he has had a heart attack. He has done WW in the past, and is convinced it is the only thing that will work for him, and thinks I eat too much on SW and cant possibly lose weight! So......to help him, I have joined WW with him, and we have long discussions about points etc (We need to get out more!! Lol), but i hate the points system with a passion so I am still doing SW whilst trying to convince him that I am keen on the WW-does any of that make sense?!!! Lol-the things we do for love!!
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Extra Easy Apparently...!
I am a firm believer that different plans work for different people. I tried WW once and hated every single second of it whereas my friend swears by it.
ive never done ww but dont feel tempted to try it. i love being able to have more if i want, plus when im at work and need to grab stuff on the go i dont think i could weigh everything. what a hassle


Slow but sure....
Maybe you could persuade him to do SW for one week, and then that might change his mind about the SW diet, I don't think it is really going to work doing two different diets at the same time - mistakes could so easily be made. Good luck to you both.


Strutting her stuff
To be honest - losing weight is hard enough without complicating it even further by having to 'pretend' to follow WW while actually doing SW. Why would you want to make it even harder for yourself? You can surely support your husband in his weight loss without actually having to go to classes with him.
I don't know why he thinks that you won't lose weight on SW because the answer is already in - you have lost weight and are doing very well. I would just agree to disagree. You know SW work for you so why should you have to jeopardise your future weight loss just to make him happier. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but you're entitiled to put yourself first sometimes!