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Having started group in June and weighing in at 10st 13lb with my size 14's becoming a squeeze, I am now 9st 4lb and a size 8-10.

Our group changed consultant 4 times and venue once so it has been very unsettled, and a lot of members are unhappy!
But I gave it a few weeks and it's no good, I don't feel comfortable in group, the venue is a s h I t hole and the consultant is male and not very good!

So I am going solo!

Any tips, success or horror stories about none group sw??? Get em posted ladies!

Together we can do this alone!!! :)
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I'm doing it alone because being weighed messes with my mind, I'll be doing SW for a long time as I have a lot to loose, so thrilled to join you on your last steps
Not going to class either. Started to but consultant was crap. Plus with 5 kids and a husband who works shifts to difficult to go every week. Not finding it a problem am still losing every week.
I'm doing it at home too! Been to many classes over the years and prefer to do it solo(although with this brilliant forum, I never feel I am on my own!) Good luck getting to target!
I am too! Can't spare the time to do a home one and the one nearest my work is an express class which basically means you get weighed, cheered or booed and then off you go. I can manage that myself!

Which books are worth having? There are a multitude available on ebay. Thx
Hi, you obviously need the basic food optimising book, to explain how the plan works, although you can get an e book of this info from e bay, sent in pdf form. The sw mag is great for info and inspiration. I have bought the sw curry book and it's fab! I think you can get loads of info and recipes on this brilliant site. Good luck!
I have just stopped going to class. Joins last Feb and decided to.go alone this week. To tell u the truth. Class never really kept me motivated its this forum and u lot that has got me where I am. (3 stone lighter.) And its you lot that will help me get to Target. Good luck vitology. X
I am trying to lose weight at home, i find this forum very useful for information and I buy the magazines for more help. You will have a good foundation because you have lost a lot from going to group, you just have to remember why you want to lose weight and try not to slip back into your old habits before you went to group, which is always a possiblity, that has happened to me in the past and countless others as well. Hopefully you will find this useful and keep losing weight


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I do it at home because there is no group here in Spain. Keep motivated, lots of advice from this forum, just ask, and make sure you do the weigh in once a week (as if you were going to a class). I record my loss in a diary, along with my food. You will do it.

Good luck on your journey.
I stopped going to meetings about 2 months ago to try and save money and have been doing it alone but I have to be honest and say I do fall off the wagon alot more because I don't have to face anyone!!!
I have two sons at uni at the moment, one in his first year and one in his last. Having to support them doesn't leave much spare cash at the moment so classes not an option. On the plus side, with the two skinny members of the family away, it has meant that the three remaining overweight ones( me OH and eldest son) made the decision to loose weight. We have bought a few SW books and guides and got started at the end of september when the skinnys left! Well so far so good. The two guys have lost just over 2 stones each and I'm hoping to have reached 2 stone tomorrow morning when we do our weigh in. Sometimes I'd like to be able to afford the classes but on the other hand there is plenty of support, information and nice people on this site! Good luck everyone.
I started 5 weeks ago doing the online plan, mostly cause it's for a newspaper article and they paid for the online service, however now it's come to an end with them, and i've lost 13lbs :D i'm doing it online from home still, going to pay for the next three months. I did consider going to classes but it's hard to commit to a certain night, and tbh I don't think they would suit me anyway. Let's do this together!

Years back I went to class. Consultants came and consultants go. .... and then I went off track and found the class didn't help me either.... just me I guess.... this time I am doing it at home..... using this forum as my "class". I find it so much friendlier.... and knowing that I've to put my weight on here every week is quite motivating enough for me.

The class venue and consultant has changed yet again so its not that easy for me to get to class and lack of money doesn't help ~ although I might attend once in the New year to get a new book as there are changes afoot.

I know you can so do this ~ you are not alone ~ you have all of us by your side as well!

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Hi I am also doing this from home!! I've made sure I have set up a food diary on here and make sure I report my weight every week and don't feel I am missing anything from a group! There is endless support on here re food, when you've lost your willpower, recipes etc!! K x
im doing it from home as i couldn't afford to go to classes, this website is brilliant, gives you much more then my class gave me , as they were all friends who knew each other and wouldn't let other people in ! good luck to others following plan at home
Hi. I'm restarting tomorrow on my lonesome. Got more books than the consultant from all my failed attempts so no excuses. What's the best way to go about it?Do i start a diary or join in as and when. Could do with lots of support and will gladly give it back if i can
Well Goodmorning 'homies'

Hope everyone's had a good weekend.
Looks like there's a few of us then!
I started class back in June, but I honestly think the knowledge and support here on minimins is way better than any group you would pay to attend!!

Im not far off target now, but I'm finding the last few pounds the hardest to shift!

But I will do it, and hopefully by Xmas my last 6lbs will be gone.

Going to try and be 100% for the rest of the week but it's going to be difficult as totm is almost here so I'm craving chocolate real bad!

Going to have to double my grapefruit efforts and have two a day to help.
I'm also following the plan from home! Joined a group in Sept and weighed in twice, losing 3.5lbs in total. Now in an attempt to save some money I have decided to go it alone with the support of this excellent site and a friend who is also SWing from home. I had my first weigh in at home on Saturday morning and have lost another 2.5lbs! Very chuffed with that! I'm a very fussy eater so doing Green days only as that fits in better with what I eat.
Good luck everyone x :D

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