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doing this from home but everyone i tlk to says to go to the groups what do you think

Different approaches work for different people - see how you get on at home, if it's not working for you then try going to group.

I did it by myself from home, just using some old books that someone gave me. I'm not a 'group' kind of person, I find I get on better in most things by myself.
thanks hun! i have only been doing a wk and a half and i think its going great! as i come on here and get advise!
thanks hun! i have only been doing a wk and a half and i think its going great! as i come on here and get advise!
Great, if it's working for you then stick with that approach! This site is brilliant for advice and tips, everyone is really helpful so anything you want to ask, just go ahead. Also check out the recipe section, there's some amazing cooks around here. I'm a very basic cook myself but I love going in the recipe threads for a look. :)
I'm doing it myself from home and found this site to be invaluable. I have printed off some amazing recipes and have everything together in a file so it's easy to just flip through. I plan my meals ahead and I find that helps so when I come home from work starving and wanting something to eat, I just flip through my book, see what I've written and stick to that. I know this is only my second week, but so far I've found this to be the best diet I have ever been on. I know that if I'd have gone to a group then I would have lost interest soon enough (I'm quite a shy person in real life). Just do whatever works for you, and if you find you are struggling doing it on your own then try going to a group but if you are doing ok, then just stick with going it alone (although being a member of this site, you aren't really going it alone if that makes sense)? :)
I go to class but I wanted the extra support, and I also wanted to meet new people. I find I have that extra determination to do well because I have to go to WI, where as if I did it myself, I would be tempted to stray because I would be the only one to see it.

But everyone is different in what works for them, and at the end of the day we are all here for the same reason, wherever we do it.


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I started by doing it from home and lost a stone quite quickly but then found I needed that extra support that a group can give you. I also like the social side of the group, I've met some lovely ladies in my group and love going and having a good chinwag and sharing tips and ideas.

If doing it from home suits you and you don't feel you need the extra support that going to group can give you then carry on hun, we are all different and different things work for different people.

Alia xxx
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Everyone is completely different with what they find motivating/supportive. If you are doing it successfully at home there is no point in changing. If you start to struggle then maybe consider your other options at that point
I am also doing it from home at the moment, purely because I cannot justify £5 (or whatever) per week to go to a group meeting.
Like others have already said, it is what works best for you personally. I feel that whether you do it from home or join a group, you have to be in the right mindset and want to make changes, otherwise it won't happen.
Keep up the good work, cos it's a struggle from time to time ;)

I too have been doing it from home for the last month or so & am struggling to shift any more i've been toying with the same 3/4lbs that I keep putting on every weekend!!

Maybe if you need the social aspect, like me, i'm a stay at home mum to a 4 month old boy & live quite far from close family & friends then it would benefit you to have someone who's doing the same thing as you to chat to.

I'm thinking about re-joining on tuesday but do not fancy the back fees :cry:xx
i do it at home on my own with the help of this forum and i can honestly say that for me, there is so much advice, help, support and warmth from everyone here that i really dont feel like im missing out on the social/support aspect of going to a group! :D

ive lost 10lbs in 3 weeks so i must be doing something right! ;)
Agree with most of the people above.
I go to the groups and have been since the end of jan.
i would DEFINITELY be off track if i didnt go to the groups. I love going to my group and I have met a few friends through it - one in partic who i do loads with during the week (funny how she lives on the same estate!!)
However, its whatever suits you. See how you get on. This website is fantastic mind but i still do love my group and the support :)
Hope this helps! xx
I like the group as you get weighed and its good for the social factor and having that support face to face. With me though its really difficult. Husband in the army and away so much so i tend to go for a couple of weeks and then cant go for three weeks and i would go of course then. This time i decided to do it online, i went out and bought myself a really good scales that tells me my body fat, weight, muscle, water you name it tells it lol. anyway the only down side to that is you have to be very determined because you got no one to answer to if you know what i mean. However putting a picture of myself at my biggest on my fridge is enough to get me on track and keep me there. I go online now to fill my diary in and journal and on here for the support, Got the best of both worlds now and if hubby goes away i still got my internet so there is nothing to stop me staying on track. Its what suits you and your lifestyle, once you find something that fits into your life then you will see results x


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If it works for you from home then great, carry on. I couldn't do it alone. I like up to date, from the horses mouth, SW info and I like the group support, I find it invaluable.

I couldn't maintain my weight loss if I didn't go each week and step on those scales!
I prefer doing it from home. I did go to a group for about 6 weeks. I don't know if you've ever seen Peter Kay's sketch about Slimming World, but that's EXACTLY how the group was!! Needless to say, I stopped going, and I noticed not many people stayed for the discussion (or lack of it) after weigh in!

It's all down to the individual, and what your group is like I think.
Personally, i find the groups really help me.
I couldnt go one week because i had other plans that night and the whole week after i didnt stick to it, showed on the scales :(

The past two weeks, ive been going, getting weighed then going home, due to needing to revise for exams the following day, but i have noticed ive not been as motivated since.

I feel I am more motivated when going to the meetings and staying and i seem to stay on track during the week.

But the suport from people at the meetings and thier postive comments makes it all worth while :)

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