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Domino's problem!

Hi everyone, nice to be on the forums! I've just returned to Slimming World after a few years, and now I'm faced with a problem in my very first week back. I don't want to scupper my weight loss before I've even started, so was hoping for some advice!

It's my anniversary tomorrow, and every year we have Domino's and wine and snuggle up to watch something romantic (like Star Wars last year!). Can't bear to tell my partner it's off the menu, as it's the only time we ever have Domino's and he really looks forward to it, so I'm going for damage limitation. I was thinking if I have low-fat mozarella as two A Hexs and the base as two Bs, then count say 30 Syns from my weekly allowance, would that cover the pizza? Need to allow for a bit of wine as well, but I've got 69 Syns left for the week as only just started! I can cook up a load of potato wedges to fill me up along with the pizza. It'll be a Green day tomorrow, as it always is for me, being veggie!

So I was wondering, which would be best, an individual 7" cheese and tomato pizza on the regular base, or a medium 11.5" pizza on the extra thin base (you can't have extra thin on the little ones)? Gah, it's a minefield! Wish he'd eat Chinese instead... :rolleyes:
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Unfortunately pizza is REALLY high in syns regardless of how you split the He's!!
Why not let other half have his pizza and you could have a smash pizza instead? I love smash pizza and its not as greasy as anything bought either.

Make up smash with boiling water until quite firm (firm enough to make a pizza style base)
Spread quite thinly on a baking tray sprayed with frylight into a "pizza" shape, spray the top and then put in oven on highest setting.
Once top has crisped, turn over and cook the other side until crispy.
Spread some passata mixed with dried herbs and garlic over the top and then add chopped mushrooms, peppers, onion, sweetcorn (ham/bacon if on an EE day), add your allowance of cheese and then put on pizza base and back in oven until cooked through...delicious and really easy.

You cant taste the smash either if you are like me and dont like the taste :) Lol

Or, you could just have the pizza and the wine as planned and then get back on track the next day..the choise is yours Hun.

Can't help with the Dominos bit, sorry. But just a thought.

Are you certain that he is looking forward to the pizza? Or are you just assuming that? Sometimes people go along with a tradition because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings - that's what you are doing, but is it possible that's what he is doing too? No harm in asking "do you want Dominos this time or do you fancy something different, like Chinese?".

But if he definitely is looking forward to it, then you seem to have plenty of syns to play with, so have what you like and enjoy it.
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i make a pizza base-12" pizza for 14ish syns-varies depending on the batch, and use 2 he's for the cheese and pasata with free toppings. this is a whole pizza for probably the same syns as 1 slice from dominos

i can post you the recipe i use if you want to do this instead of buying dominos


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sorry to hijack, but would you post that recipe ninnins? that sounds like a great idea! :)


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How many anniversarys do you have a year !!??? this will only be one meal out of a seven day menu. As long as you don't have a special occasion every week, one anniversary celebration will not do any long term damage. I would say take the night off from cooking, enjoy most of your pizza but aim to leave some. That way you will know that you can be in control of your eating which in itself will feel good. You could always buy a bag of salad to have on the side. Eat each mouthfull consciously and enjoy and when you are beginning to feel full STOP and eat no more. happy anniversary xx
Me personally - I would enjoy my wedding anniversary & if that ment joining in on the domino's then so be it.

Like you say - you are going to try damage limitation & use HE's & syns so enjoy & start a fresh the next day :D
S: 18st7lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st9.5lb(30.69%)
no probs

Robbie's Recipe Collection: Thin Pizza Crust

i just use lukewarm water-no idea if its the heat it says!
its so quick and simple and doesnt need to prove
i make it, work out the syns then divide it weight wise into amounts within syn limits-last time i got 4 bases out of that recipe and just freeze the rest

or theres vixxsters link but i cant get that bread mix :cry:so syns it is for me!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
if i were you i would eat free foods all day, then enjoy the evening with pizza and wine guilt free. i wouldn't add syns or even think about them, but i would know what i was eating the following day so i can get back on track the next morning.
Thanks for great suggestions everyone! If I'd been dieting for a bit and doing well, I probably wouldn't feel bad about just getting takeaway for once, but as I've only just started again I don't want to be making an excuse this early to give myself a day off. There always does seem to be an excuse doesn't there? The next thing will be a wedding next weekend to get through, then a moving house party, then a housewarming party...

OH is very good, I knew he'd agree if I suggested an alternative but still felt bad for depriving him of his beloved pizza! Anyway, we've compromised now on home-made pizza with a healthier base than the Domino's. I didn't have time to go out and get the Tesco base mix Vixxtser suggests unfortunately, but I dumped 150g wholemeal flour with water and yeast in the breadmaker this morning so it will have risen when I get home - I'm thinking half of that is probably about two B extra's worth? It is wholemeal after all! And then I can save my As for some low-fat mozzarella on the top. Yum.
It's my anniversary tomorrow as well and I also joined the forum yesterday!! Spooky!

Happy Anniversary! How many years for you?

I'm like you and am ummming and ahhing about what to have for dinner. I had planned to cook a roast SW style but would kind of like the night off but just can't make up my mind!

I only started SW for the first time ever this Monday and started the actual diet on Tuesday but to be honest I am quite enjoying it so far (only 48 hrs I know!) so I am really reluctant to spoil it so soon :(

Hey ho, will make up my mind in the morning :)

Good Luck!
Update: I'm also going to make some garlic and herb dip for that authentic Domino's experience. Hellman's Extra Light mayo is only 1/2 syn per tablespoon, so 4tbsp of that between us with some garlic powder and mixed herbs thrown in should do it!

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