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Done myself an injury - a little warning!

I wanted to start running this week and have written a goal to get on the treadmill on Friday for at least half an hour. Darn it!

As I said, I've been working really hard - 12 hour days, no break whatsover and spending all of it in front of the computer screen - 100 hours over the past fortnight - I'm stupid I guess!

So, I've been suffering with my leg and having muscle pain/muscle spasm/cramps. When I wore low shoes the other day I kept falling over my foot, which was dragging on the floor! After falling over today because my leg totally gave way and foot was numb, I realised I should go to the doctor.

Anyway, result is that he thinks I have compressed my nerve and it could be related to a herniated disc. I've had a herniated disc previously in 2001 at L5/S1 and he's certain that it's a recurrence of that. I was admitted for an op in 2001, but sent home because it was showing signs of improvement and told to lose weight/exercise, which I did.

Last time, I had horrendous, unbearable back pain and sciatica and burning pain through my leg and was totally off my feet and on crutches. This time, I have no back pain, apart from my usual aches and pains from sitting and it's just my leg and ankle that I'm having problems with.

The GP has told me I need to see a physio privately, because I need to be seen quickly to decompress the nerve. I did ask him why I didn't have any back symptoms and he said it happens.

However, I think it's something else, and did mention this to him, but he insists it's disc related. I'm really suspicious about this as a diagnosis though! Recently, I sit cross legged constantly at the computer, and because I've been doing such long hours, it's been worse. The leg that is affected is the one that I cross over the top of the other, and as I've been sat constantly at the computer for the past two weeks, barely moving and I constantly cross my legs, I think I've caused damage to the nerve. I have paraesthesia of the calf and top of the foot at the ankle and cannot lift my foot upwards, or lift my big toe. I have muscle weakness and stepping gait and have almost fallen a few times today, after my actual fall in work when I banged my wrist too!! :rolleyes: I'm worried I'll do it carrying my big little man!

I cross my legs a huge amount anyway, but since I'm slim, it's so much easier to do and I constantly sit like this, whether at work or home. Just a warning to you - don't do it!! I can't prove it's that, and will ask the physio when I speak to her tomorrow, but I'd bet my house on it.

I just hope I haven't damaged the nerve to such an extent that I've caused permanent damage - it's also made me realise that I really want to start my exercise and not put it off any longer, because one day I might just not be capable of it if I'm not careful! :copon:
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Poppy that sounds so scary and painful. I hope you get it sorted quickly.

Thanks for the warning - I spend loads of time at the computer and yes, I do usually cross my legs although having recently got a footrest at work I find I don't cross my legs as often.
Sorry to hear that Poppy. I hope the physio can sort you out. Im sending good vibes your way hun. I hope you feel better soon. Sounds awful tbh!
So sorry hun

I'm sure you are right. You know your body best and I think it's telling you
"What's going on? Please slow down and ease up a little. Okay, you're not listening ,I'll make you take it easy."
Remember work life balance.
Well I never!

Ooooh!! Gets more interesting girls!! Look at this, who'd have thought it!:

Clinical and neurophysiological study of peroneal nerve mononeuropathy after substantial weight loss.

...peroneal nerve is susceptible to injuries due to its anatomical course. Excessive weight loss, which reduces the fatty cushion protecting the nerve, is considered a common underlying cause of peroneal palsy.

Nine patients with foot drop underwent a complete clinical neurological and neurophysiological examination. All had excessive weight loss, which was completed in a short period of time.

All related to excessive weight loss and habitual leg crossing!!! Sounds like it could take months to get better from what I've read!

Stop crossing legs immediately!! :copon:LOL!
SB - how right you are!! Hee hee!! I went to work at 9.15am this morning and left at 5.15pm - am I a good girl or what!! I spent the extra time at home trying to teach my lazy baby to crawl! ;-)
hope it does get sorted soon for you
daisy x
Daisy - looking fab!!!

I've just found a medical paper entitled:

'Slimmer's paralysis - peroneal neuropathy following weight reduction'

....now, I know I must be weird because I find all this fascinating - not least because I'm sure my diagnosis is so much more accurate than the doctor's!!

What to do now, because I'm now going to get expensive treatment for a disc problem when I know it's not that....ho hum!

sure you are right.
Hey Poppy,

Really sorry to hear about your 'injury'. Is there any particular incident that triggered it? I can completely sympathise having had four herniated discs at the same time (not one to do things by halves!) I couldn't walk due to the pain but when I did try I tripped over my left foot all the time and couldn't feel my left leg.

I've had back pain for over 15 years but it was never diagnosed and I was told to keep moving, use my TENS machine, pain killers, ice packs, hot water bottles etc. However, after the last acute phase of pain and after four months on ridiculous pain killers I finally had an MRI which showed the extent of the problem. Three weeks later I'd had surgery (quite a new one which was keyhole) and almost two years later - touch wood - I'm doing ok. However, the pain is still there and I have permanent nerve damage in my left leg and trip over quite regularly!

Disc problems are horrible but can get better on their own. Mine was a chronic problem that started when I was 18, super fit and 9 stone. It stopped me from exercising which in turn made me massively depressed as sport was my life, and I piled on weight.

It took took so long to get someone to take me seriously, especially when I was at my biggest as they thought it was just a weight issue, but when you're taking morphine every day to manage the pain it's certainly no way to live.

When I finally got someone to refer me for an MRI they found out there was actually a HUGE problem with my back. It's never going to be right again. And probably could have been fixed over ten years ago if someone had listened to me when I told them how long I'd been suffering. And maybe I wouldn't have piled on so much weight because of the depression caused by the pain. Who knows. Makes me too upset to think about having wated ten years waiting for someone to take me seriously.

Anyway, since my surgery I've been stable if nothing else. Two discs don't exist any more and are bone on bone. Two have been basically melted back into shape with a very hot piece of metal! It's going to get worse as I get older. But I've lost all the weight I piled on now and my state of mind due to not being on pain killers and not being in pain was a huge contributing factor to that.

Sorry, you've got me going on the whole back thing now! It's been a huge factor in my life and always will be. When I run it's painful. It's always going to hurt though and I might as well run while I'm alive and still can!

I hope you get sorted soon PS. Interesting it could have been caused by weight loss. Would be good to hear about any further discoveries on that one.

BL has really suffered with her discs too so I'm sure she'll come along and tell you all about it too.

Having suffered before I'm sure you know all this but for everyone else LOOK AFTER YOUR BACK!! Keep moving and get up from your desk every half hour (I'm quite often found lying on the floor stretching half way through meetings!) Back pain is so debilitating and as I've said, can cause permanent nerve damage if not fixed soon enough.

I'll stop now!! Get better soon and keep smiling in those skinny jeans! xx
just reread your original post and realised it may not be a disc problem after all so sincere apologies for my ramblings...once I get on my soap box about back pain there's no stopping me!

I did find that sometimes my pain was only my leg though and given your history your Dr may be right but keep fighting your corner if you think it's something else. You know your body better than anyone xx
LOL Rachel! I love my skinny jeans!! Now, I honestly do believe that this is the route of my current problem - nothing to do with back pain (because I don't have any!) or discs, and more to do with my skinny legs and my having compressed the nerve during habitual leg crossing!

I'm in two minds whether just to stop crossing my legs and see how it goes, or contact the GP - problem being is that he'll have written on my notes that I have a disc problem when I clearly don't!!

Should I send him a copy of this paper written by a neurologist tomorrow? Or should I stay quiet, not bother contacting the physio, do nothing and see how things pan out???

One of the most common causes of foot drop is habitual leg crossing. This is most commonly seen in obese persons or in diabetics who lose weight. After weight loss they can cross their legs more easily and may develop a foot drop. Why does this occur you may ask? Well the answer is simple, as I told you before the peroneal nerve is quite superficial and hence prone to compression. When you cross your leg, the nerve may get pinched against the other knee and if you do not relieve the pressure soon, you can develop a foot drop. A common scenario is that the person is sitting with his legs crossed on a long flight, or might have fallen asleep with his leg pressed against the side rails of the bed (this is common in hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit or also when patients are undergoing surgery in the OR), they wake up and find they have a foot drop. The good news is that the prognosis for this type of compression injury to the peroneal nerve is rather good. Once the pressure is released, these patients usually make a full recovery over a few days to weeks and their foot drop goes away. If the foot drop is because of habitual leg crossing, then all what may be needed is to advise the patient not to cross his legs. The recovery is spontaneous.

Sorry to be totally boring, but if you've managed to read this far any thoughts would be GREAT! I hate to tell the doc that he's completely wrong, but I don't want inaccuracies written in my notes either!
you're not boring at all. I'm exactly the same when I have a medical problem (which I've had plenty of recently!). I quite often look at my CD of my MRI and CT scans!! (sad i know)

Sounds like you've struck something with that article though. Did you mention your weight loss to your Doc? I'm sure they hate the internet but given I've now diagnosed myself on two separate occasions when my Dr has told me something different. And once they tested me (both for digestive issues) it wasn't just the IBS they'd dismissed me with. One was a liver problem and one was polyps inside my colon. They'd never have done anything if I hadn't pushed for it.

I'd go to the physio if you're in pain. They quite often give a different view on things.

I did lose a lot of strength as a result of LL but it's building up again now so that may help once your body is fully our of ketosis.

Keep fighting your corner though. Will be interested to hear the result.

And when you read this message...uncross your legs!!
LOL Rachel!! I've not crossed my legs all night!

I've also found a few more fascinating articles, which all mention weight loss and losing the protective fat pad.

I did mention that I'd lost six stone since November and had done LL. He just said "sorry, six stone?" I also told him that I'd constantly had my legs crossed while I sat at the computer the past couple of weeks. I always, always cross my legs as it's so comfortable to sit like this now and I've struggled all night to stop!! I gave him enough clues don't you think!?!! Hee hee!!

As I work in a hospital, I know that doctors hate you googling and diagnosing yourself, but I KNOW I'm right! ;-) I'm totally skint this month too, and although I'll get my money back from the physio because I'm in Medicash, I still have to find the money to pay for it in the first place.
I'm the same with the medicash situation. I want to go for a £500 health screening which I can claim back. But I can't afford it in the first place!! Stupid scheme.

Stick to your guns. Just because they're a Dr it doesn't make them always right. I know I'm never always right at work and I think it's an assumption most people make that Drs never make mistakes. But I know from experience that they do!!

Well done on not crossing your legs. I do it all the time too. And it's so much easier now I don't have a big belly in the way.

I love it when I tell Drs how much I lost last year. I'm not sure they even believe me though. Think they spend so much time dealing with stupid people who have no interest in their own bodies that when someone comes along who is interested in what's going on they don't even notice.

Are you like me when you have Xrays and scans too? Always want to see the pics!! I even insisted on seeing the screen when I has my colonoscopy (wasn't allowed to take the video home though lol) It's all so interesting.
Yep Rachel!! LOL!! I'm a medical secretary originally, now PA, but they call me Dr Nik in work! Ha ha!! I irritatingly always know the diagnosis in Casualty so early on that my husband thinks I'm psychic!

Oh, and I really find it hard not to use medical terms when speaking to the doc - I told him before I had paraesthesia, when most people would say my leg is numb...it sounds so pretentious though doesn't it?!! ;-)

God, do you think we need help?!!
ive had this for weeks now certain areas on my right foot and leg is numb and my right foot just dosent work properly just like you described went to the doc and he said trapped nerve in my back but didnt say what to do or anything
Sorry you are suffering PS, sounds awful and very frustrating just when you wanted to really get going on the exercise. I imagine the Physio would still be able to give you good advice and perhaps exercises for this condition which hopefully might sort things out for you so if you can possibly scrape together the money I would go !

Good luck and let us know how you get on.



Is back in the saddle!
*legs uncrossed!*

Coo, you stick to your guns and have them look into the paraesthesia thingy!! Sounds totally plausable to me! Good luck.

*Legs still uncrossed*

(For the moment anyway)
Hi PS, I can't believe that those are your symptoms as it could have been me writing them, I too have a week right foot/leg which keeps dragging on the floor and I also have recently changed jobs and now sit for long periods with my legs crossed, I have just booked an appointment with my GP as started to fear the worst ie MS ie something as sinister, I did wonder if it was due to the weight loss, as I've also lost 6 stones, I will still go to the GP as have a list of other things to ask (I tend to save them for one annual visit) but I certainly feel much better about the symptoms now I know I am not alone, thanks for sharing, let me know if you improve or have any treatment, I certainly will try not to cross my legs as much, easier said than done.
P.S. you look great in your satin trousers

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