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  1. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    Day 6

    Well this is my first entry and have almost managed a week on this crazy CD diet.

    First few days were a breeze and I was thinking "yeah I can do this - will be a size 6 in no time at all" - reality hit me on day 4.

    That day I weakened and after tormenting myself all day I decided that this diet just wasnt for me - decided to have a takeaway and a beer and devise a low cal diet to start the following day. How many times have I done that before!

    Whilst looking through my calorie books and putting together a diet plan I suddenly thought "why am I creating meal plans when I have ready made meals in my cupboard?".

    I then felt ashamed and went to bed feeling very very full. I decided to weigh myself the following morning and restart the CD diet. To my amazement I hadnt put anything on {nor lost any}. I jumped straight back onto the wagon and was very very good!!

    I am next going to weigh myself on Sat morning - I know my weight loss wont be as good as it could have been but even if im 2lbs lighter than I was before I started the diet then its 2lbs in the right direction.

    This isnt an easy peasy diet - but with the support and advice from this site it makes it a whole lot easier knowing your not alone.

    Well I'l share my WI details on Sat so fingers , toes and whatever else crossed that I at least have lost some weight by Sat.
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  3. jazzy

    jazzy Regular Member

    Well Done Donna Marie on jumping straight back on the wagon. You have overcome a huge milestone by not reverting back to what you (and myself) have done in the past.

    I think it's a great idea to start a diary, I wish I had done when I started.

    Good luck with your weigh in on Saturday.

    Jazzy x
  4. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Hi Donna as Jazzy says ''JUST JUMP STRAIGHT BACK ON THAT WAGON''
    Remember when you learn something new it takes a few attempts to get it right and with VLCD'S it a new experiance which you have to adjust to?
    Try and get back on track as I know to my cost that too many falls makes it so hard to get back on.This 1 slip should show you that you can fall but you can also get back in that Driving seat!
    Fingers crossed for that weigh in if you get back to SS NOW even if today you havent so far Im sure you'll be ok?
  5. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    Thanks both - I am SS again since yesterday without any slips so hopefully i'll have lost something x
  6. Gen

    Gen Normal

    well done donna, very strong girl you are!!

    i'm back on ss today after messing around for a while and i'm determined to be at goal by xmas!!

    keep in touch and the support here really is brill!!

    Gen xx
  7. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Good Luck Donna and Gen
    I'll HOPEFULLY be SSing with you soon when My LL group starts
  8. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Good for you, Donna!! It's really tricky to stop eating when it is the most natural thing in the world! But you can do it and well done for getting back in control straight away!!

    Got my fingers crossed for your WI on Saturday!
  9. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    DAY 7

    Well I got through yesterday and on the wholeit wasnt a bad day - do NOT like the butterscotch shakes though yuk!

    Well I have woke up this morning and its my TOTM or should I say TOTY {year} as my body just chooses at random when I should have a period ......... well I feel uncomfortable, bloated and hungary today but will stick with it - I wanted to weigh myself tomorrow but not sure whether to wait a few days now instead as not sure if will get a true reading.

    Oh well I ve almost done a week never thought Id still be doing this especially after my blip on Tues

    Not sure when I'll next be posting so have a good weekend everyone xxxx
  10. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

  11. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    Day 9

    Well Last nite I posted that I was stressed out due to TOTM and the fact that when I weighed I had only lost 4lbs on this crazy diet since I started it last week - I really felt as though I should give it all up.

    I tried to distract myself watching TV but then my neighbour came round to complain that my TV was too loud - I wasnt particulary polite to him but that just annoyed me even further.

    I took my pint of beer water to bed and fell asleep, I have woke up this morning and my TOTM seems to have suddenly stopped {only my 2nd day???} so I weighed myself and the scales now show a total loss of 7lbs for my first week.

    Confused??????? Me too Just hope its a true reading for me x
  12. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hiya Donna,

    The scales are a tough one!!!! It will be a true reading, but the one thing to remember is always weigh yourself at the same time of day. I can be upto 6lbs heavier at night. One of the tips I got on here was to weigh myself and then weigh again, but the second time, hold a 2 ltr bottle of water with you, that 2 ltrs weighs anything upto 4lbs!!!!

    This diet is mad, sometimes you can stick for days but it always comes off in the end, and sometimes overnight too, last saturday I was 13s 2lbs and sunday I was 12s 13!!!!!!!!!!

    I try to only weigh once a week now, its easy to jump on and off all the time, and sometimes its great yet sometimes its not too good!

    Well done on your loss, be very proud of what you will achieve, this is a bonkas diet but it does work!!!!

    You can do it x
  13. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    Well done Donna.
    You must be so chuffed,glad that it has started to come of for you.
    Once the scales start moveing it seems easer to stick to it.or that id what I found anyway.
    Sending positive vibes for another good week.x
  14. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    I know you shouldnt weigh yourself daily but when you've had an up and down week like i ve had its hard not to - yet woke up this morning and have put 2lb on taking me to a loss of 5lb for the week........ I think!!! So confused - this diet is driving me insane I just want to go in one direction can someone please tell my body that lol.
  15. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    Down a pound again today have only lost 6lbs in 10 days my cdc isnt going to be bowled over at that is she!! Maybe if I remove my bling I may be another pound or so lighter lol x
  16. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Hi Donna Marie
    Like Ann WESTHILLS would say


    Your weight loss may not show up until the weigh-in day ,mine doesnt!
    Weigh-in in Boots once a week if you can if your counsellor can't/doesn't do it?You'll more likely to stick to it.
  17. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    yup, burn em, smash em, do anything but dont use em in the way they are meant!!

    They are making you feel bad and you dont need that. You need motivation, and, jumping on n off wont give you that but sticking to a once a week weigh will make you stick to your diet throughout.

    Try it, make a promise to us all and then watch the reward
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  19. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Donna Marie,

    6lbs. in 10 days is very good and if you kept this up you could have two stone off in 40 days!

    I am wondering what is the longest you have managed to do a diet for before and how much have you lost?

    Love Mini xxx
  20. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    weighing daily works for some, for others it stresses them and they become obsesed, i think you sound like the latter lol, so chuck them away, and do the once weekly weigh at your cdc, you dont need the stress of the daily weigh ins, good luck :)
  21. Donna Marie

    Donna Marie Member

    Hiya all

    Had my official weigh in this morning and in 13 days I have lost 8lbs - not exactly what I was hoping for but hey its a loss.

    Have decided to weigh myself twice a week from now on - although I sound obsessed with it I find it helps motivate me - when I gain or dont loose I feel determined to do well and when I do loose it spurs me on but agree daily weighing prob isnt the best idea

    In the past I lost 21lbs with Slimming World in about 10 weeks which wasnt bad for me - but I stopped over Xmas pilled on the pounds and more after a two week choc binge and never lost any of the weight. I was considering SW again but my friends sister is a month ahead of me on CD and she has done really well so I decided to give this a whirl instead.
    Am hoping to have lost a bit more next week as Im now at the end of my TOTM which I think my have affected my loss slightly
  22. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

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