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Dont give up people ......


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This is just a post for motivation for those that are thinking of giving up .......DONT!!!

2 years ago I worked for Clinton cards. I worked with 2 skinny people... I use the term people because they were a right couple of cows - two faced and just wanted a slave - One of them was my boss, as soon as I arrived for work they would dissappear out the back for a fag and a gossip on who they
had slept with the night before . They took every oppurtunity to take the 'P' out of me .
We had to wear uniform (major panic for me ) Clinton doesn't make uniform to fit 'Big Girls' I had to buy my own - so of course they both new my size (26/28/30)
which was sooooo embarrasing.
I had to buy a massive skirt, a big blokes white shirt and wear a granny cardigan . I thought I looked ok.
I hated working there, I always tidied and hoovered whilst they smoked .

On the Saturday before the Bank Holiday Monday( which I was told I would be working - wasnt asked was told - cos they was going out on the razz) .I got my own back on those two pair of nasty cows .......

.....Underneath the card racks there are drawers for that particular rack where all the cards are stored -the cards are all stored by reference numbers etc.. has to be precise .... So what I did was whilst they was having there daily fag and gossip. I grabbed a load of cards from one draw and mixed them up with another drawer- I spent all morning doing this in all the drawers, by the time I had finished the whole shop was in a right mess !! (yay !!)
They wouldn't find out that day as they would spend all day out the back !!

I knew that the assistant manager was opening up on BH Monday ( she is one of the cows), I also knew that once I arrived she would bugger of out the back and do nothing ....
So on the BH Monday morning at about 9.45 (due to start at 10) I phoned the shop she answered ... I told her I wasnt coming in and that I quit !!!.... Boy was she mad ..she would be on her own.. HA ha - what goes around comes around !
I would of love to been a fly on the wall

Anyway, yesterday I was ironing all my old ''BIG'' clothes (gonna sell them on a booty to get money to buy new !!!) and I found the 'Clinton Uniform' ...OMG :eek::eek:
Did I really wear that ... it is massive I cant believe that a few years ago I was wearing some of these things , and if I hadnt changed my ways and gone onto SW I know I would still be wearing that stuff. I went to weigh in yesterday and yes I may have only lost 1 blooming pound , but hey guess what??.... I am 1 blooming pound from having lost 4 and a half stone ..woo hoo !!!:D:D
and when I loose another 3 blooming pound I will be into the 14 stone :eek::eek:
OMG I have not been there for years - dont even remember being there - I flew straight past that one !!
Yes - 2 years ago I was wearing size 28/30 clothes and today i am wearing a size 18 skirt and can fit into size 18/20 tops , so for those that think ...
''Oh, this is too slow'', or '' why do i bother Im only losing a pound each week''
Think about Clinton Cards... and realise that one day you will get there, it may be slow - but we didnt get this big overnight did we?.
So we must keep going and be happy along the way . well done everyone xx
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Well done you hun, what a inspiring post xxxx


Excited about the new me!
Wowww your losses are great and thats the inspiration here and your story I'm sure is a bit typical of a few ppl on here, with how badly ppl are treated by colleagues and "somewhat called friends". Good to bring it to light and good to see your manager got what she deserved too :)

Mrs V

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Fantastic post to read Hun! Well done on being so motivating!

big bear

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Wow that's fab and serves the pair of b*tches right would've loved to see their faces.