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Dont know can I do this.....


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You can do it Minty, you haven't failed at all. The shakes do taste strange at first, and to be honest i don't have them now as after 2 weeks i still couldn't stomach them so i live off choc tetras, bars and veg soup!! What other flavours have you got to try, i know you say you couldn't stomach anything like chocolate or strawberry, what about vanilla, or toffee and walnut? Maybe leave it an hour, have some water and try again with a different flavour? It is so hard at first but stick with it, it will be worth it :)
I live on banana and mint chocolate shakes, I don't mind the strawberry so try to have a few of those as well. I have my first shake much later in the morning as well (although banana is ok early on :) ) more towards lunchtime really when I've done most of my jobs. I start on the water when I get up and have a nice hot peppermint tea instead of 'breakfast.'
Good luck minty - it's a matter of trial and error in the first week to find which ones you like the taste of most. Also - I mix mine with more water than it says on the packet - about 3/4 pint.

I felt exactly the same too. I can't stand any of the lactose free flavours at all. Luckily i bought 2 weeks food at once with plenty of different flavours. I am gonna be swapping some of them 2morro night. You will find flavours that you like, don't worry.

Susan x
Hi Minty

How are you making up your shake?

The first one I tried was cappucino too and I couldn't stomach it. I now make them with a few cubes of ice and cold water in a jug, pour in the shake mix then use a hand blender to mix it really well. It tastes TOTALLY different than if you just mix the powder with water with a fork or something. I went from hating the shakes to loving them immediately once I made them this way.

Good luck and keep going, I am sure you will find something you like

I don't have my first shake until about 11.30. I drink 1l water in the morning and have a black coffee. Definately invest in a hand blender if you haven't got one they are a godsend. I'm only just coming to the end of my first week and I did find them a little strange to start with but honestly you do get used to them. Toffee and walnut is my favourite. Try and stick with it, it does get easier.


Doing it for keeps now!!
For the morning I always have a sweet shake hot with a spoonful of coffee in it (I am NOT a coffee drinker...lol) and it tastes fab! I had a strawberry one today for the first time with coffee in it and it's delicious!!! I definitely think the mixing is vital!! A blender is essential as it takes away the powdery lumpy taste and makes it a real drink.

Why not try a savoury one next and see if that helps. I would also say that if you can't have a shake so early, why not ahve a nice cup of leaf tea(I swear by my windy Peppermint Tea) and lots of water...at least something is going into your tummy and it muight help you relax once you have one of the shakes too as something will already be in your tummy (if that makes sense!!)

I also love my shakes with ice in them for a frappe version!!
Hi minty, I hated all of the sweet shakes. ewww could not get to like them. I live of the banana,choc, and chick&mushroom and veg soup.

Dont worry I was like that the first day, there is so many to choose from there is bound to be some you will love.. Keep going and drink lots of water :)
Hi Minty,

Well you can try making your shakes like they do at Starbucks. I put loads of ice and blend it and make it into frapuuccino kinda mixture and that makes it easier to drink.

Hope you find a flavour that suits your taste :D



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Hi Minty, the capuccino is not very nice at all! Its one of the lactose free ones and I think it gives it a really strange taste. As several others have suggested, try having the first one later in the day when you have been able to take in a fair amount of water to water down the effect in your stomach. Also the idea of mixing them into a frapuccino is great. I put 6 ice cubes in the blender, add 400ml of ice cold water, then the powder and blend them well. They then thicken up and become like a real milk shake. The toffee and walnut is yummy and so it the strawberry - although I normally hate strawberry milk shake!
Hang in then: once you can get past Day 3 you will be fine.
Hi Minty,
I didnt like any of the made up shakes,they all tastes horrible to me,so i have the ready made ones now and they are so much nicer i think they tase like slim fast,hold on in there this is my second week again finding it had like i just wanna eat some food! But i'm still being good!
Good luck x
Hey I am the same, the cappa one is the worse, it is so sweet. I live off the banana tetra for breaKfast, peanut bar for lunch and the choclate tetra for my evening meal. I also work full time and find trying to get the shakes to mix a right pain in the bottom. The tetras are a life saver and it means that I can have them anywhere anytime so no excuses.
Good luck with your journey:)
Well I have 21 packs of the cappuccino a week - I love the stuff and I don't even like coffee! For some reason though my CDC seems to have problems with getting hold of this flavour - I could only have 10 this week - had to make up the rest of the packs with tomato soup and cranberry bars - the only other 2 I will eat.
When I first started (lighterlife but same as Cambridge) I decided it didn't matter what they tasted like - even if I had to hold my nose while I consumed every packet. Luckily it got easier - I wouldn't touch soup or milkshakes previously - the things we're willing to do when we're desperate eh?
I blend my shakes with 400ml of water and 2 ice cubes (using a blender) - so lovely I might keep buying them when I've finishhed with this madness!

MM x

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