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Don't know if I can carry on :(

I have done CD and LT in the past and lost 5-6 stone was brilliant. But for some reason I am on day 4 now And I have stuck to it, day 1 I had chicken and lettuce and day 2 +3 I had atkins bar.

BUT I am currently working now, just nipped home for a shake as I have half hour, I been out since 6.45 and I won't get home till tonight 7pm, same tomorrow. I hate it when It's my weekend on (I am a care worker) And I am absoloutely exhausted, Been getting palpitations all morning, and I am feeling pretty scared, I had them in the past, but then they calmed right down, I have had the usual tests nothing wrong just PAC's and PVC's But I am really scared, I am scared of passing out, or bringing on something worse. I guess my Anxiety has gotton to me. :cry:

I am drinking my strawberry shake and really enjoying it, I have plenty of water in my car to sip on, But I don't know weather to carry on with this diet.

I am so fat and need to lose weight so badly, And this is the only diet where I can do it.

OH Help me decide.

Might feel better if someone else experiencing same as me.
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hiya... i think you're puttin far too much thought into all of this... worryin yourself and looking too far ahead and the road seems so long.... im on day 67 and have 3 stone gone.... it only felt like yesterday when i started... i was 16st 11lbs and miserable..... im now 13st 11lbs and thrilled! You can do it you just need to try and re-focus your head to somewhere else.... my tip would be to take each day at a time... each shake at a time.... i get up every day and think ok let's go here's another day.... at the start i knew if i looked ahead i would think... jeez how am i gonna do this for 12 weeks??? but each day becomes a few days... then a week.... then a few weeks, then months!... Also when the weight starts flyin off that really spurs you on..... remember the time is gonna pass anyway... grab all your inner strength...... do this for you and anticiapte what its gonna feel like to have clothes fallin off ya... weight related medical issues gone.... and such a positive feeling inside... coz this is me... after 9 weeks???? Just amazin the results if you can dig deep and find the will... good luck x


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But I don't know weather to carry on with this diet.
I am so fat and need to lose weight so badly, And this is the only diet where I can do it.
Hi, just take it easy. You are already in your 4th day, you must have felt that you had shed a Ib or 2 or already. Just think by shedding some weight, you will be putting years on your life, when you lose 10% of your body fat you add +6 years to your life, that's bonus enough.
When I started last week, I was very anxious, I wondered how I was going to last 12 weeks without food going through my mouth.
We are used to having snacks in between meals, the comfort, the taste, the smell and look of the food is simply enough to put us off our diet.
On my first day I kept thinking about food, I couldn't concentrate, food was on my mind. However, I was able to handle my inner demons, I had to deal with my behaviour, my bad habits.
Earlier this year in February when I hit the scales I was dismayed because I was at my heaviest I had ever been. I have a painful leg which was getting worse by the day, an operation looming ahead. Something within me snapped and I joined Slimming World, I was losing weight but my progress was rather slow as compared to others in my group. By chance I came across this site, I noticed how people were losing weight on Lipotrim and able to keep it off. I was really inspired and motivated.
Today is my 7th day and I am already 6Ibs down, about 16 Ibs down from February, I am already feeling good about myself. My leg is not as painful, I feel I can face the operation in few months time, I know I will be able to wear lovely clothes in July. I take each day as it comes, my only regret is not having discovered Lipotrim any sooner. I know it can be all over in 12 weeks then it will be matter of maintaining which shouldn't be a difficult task.
Please stay focused and take each day at a time, try smaller goals, think in terms of good health, slimmer figure, having more confidence etc. Good Luck
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Thank you for your kind words guys, I guess I am just scared of the palpitations, and the worry of Am I damaging myself etc, all them horror stories online have not done me any good. (Darn husband!). I have gotton through to Day 4 now full SS. And I do feel proud for it, Just need to drink more, 3 litres is not enough I think as I am constantly thirsty. Just opened my final 2 litre bottle, so may end up having 5 litres today in total, Which won't do me no harm as I have sweat a lot with work.

Same shift again tomorrow :(.. God I hate weekends that I work.

I will be starting Exante next week, Need to do one more week with lipotrim first to be 100% Before I spend £99 on my months packs. And I to can't wait till summer holidays I should nearly be at goal by then. :)


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