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Don't know if I can carry on

what about doing one of the other plans? your hair falling out is rare enough i think and only if you have ss for a long time..

becky xx


Call me Nicky xx
Hi Hun, you have to do what is right for you, like Becky says there are other plans within CD and other diets if you decide CD is not for you.
Whatever you decide good luck xx

P.S I haven't read of anyone going bald while SSing so I think you will be o.k. xx
Hi sweetie, are you drinking enough water? I get really light headed in the week but if i just sit down for 5 minutes or so and up my water intake everything is fine. I know 2 months seems like a long time but it is nothing compared to the rest of your life being a slim healthy fit women. Thats what i keep saying to myself when i think of how long i have to be on CD.

I wouldnt worry about the hairloss. When i last did CD, i lost a lot of hair and that was over a year ago. I now have a head full of hair and its grown to just below my boobs. There are also vitamins and shampoos that you can use to help stimulate hair growth if you need it, such as Sea Kelp or a cinnimon shampoo bar available from Lush that helps to stimulate the root of the hair ( and has been very successful for chemo patients).

The 2 months will pass by sweetie, especially with the summer here. Try to pamper yourself and take up a new hobby to help pass the time and value yourself. The diet is really tough and you have extreamly well to have got this far. I know a handfull of people who couldnt manage to get past week 1,so you are doing super well.

We're always going to here is if you need us :) xx


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Thanks everyone. I rang my cdc last night and explained my concerns. I'm going to stick it out until monday at least and then have a longer session with her just so I can go over everything in detail. It doesn't help that everyone around me is so negative about it.

Roz x


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Everyone around you is uneducated on it, you must remember that. You dont have to justify the diet to anyone. Just you know that you are completely nourished, you dont need calories to survive sweetheart, you are using your "fat" stores, so dont think of it like only 400 odds calories, you will still be burning same amount of calories, just getting them from a better place!
Keep with it, chin up, and dont listen to all those people who will be so jelous of your new body! Go for it girl"!


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Come on hun, stick with it, stay positive... if you need to try SS+ which is 3 packs plus a 200kcal meal and 200ml skimmed milk. I found SS too much for my body to handle and also felt faint all the time and unable to exercise. With SS+ I can look forward to my little meal each day and enjoy cups of tea! Give it a thought- the weightloss on it is the same as SS and if it means you stick with it and feel healthier its gotta be a good thing!



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I didn't think I would stick 2 months & when I first started I decided not to even tell my DH because I feared his negative reaction would cause me to give up.

Yet I dug in and I have finished my 2 months. Result - I am 2 stone lighter and my DH is 1 stone lighter too because he saw I was changing & was inspired to try too.

If you feel you really can't do SS then don't. I have achieved all this on 810 (or even a bit more as I cheat a bit). Some people find SS easy and pleasant - it feels good to take time out from food. If this is not you - if it is a real struggle then try one of the plans with food.

Just think, by the end of August you could be smiling all over and writing a similar post to some other poor new starter....


not for long hopefully
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When you feel crap, read all the success stories and look at their photo's, it may just give you the willpower to carry on!
I have a picture of a success story as my wallpaper on my computer, it really does help me to carry on even though Im only on day 3!

Best of luck!!


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what happens if you have got long hair that is not very thick mines fine i use hair thickening shampoos to make it look thicker than it is i use pantene full and thick used to prefer full volume as i dont think this works as well but they have messed about with it changed names etc I am talking this is the state of my hair now but im on lipotrim and will be until October so dont want to end up losing my waist length hair take years to get it back.
or having to have it cut takes to long to grow and suits me long.
Anyone heard anything about anyone with long hair how they got on would be grateful laura


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Hi Laura. I have really long hair (down to the top of my jeans) and it is quite thick but the only difference i have noticed is that the condition of it seems to have improved! I've been on the diet since January and haven't had any problems at all. I know that mild hair loss is listed as one of the possible side-effects of the diet on CD but i think it is very much an individual reaction. Technically your having all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and probably more than you had in your previous diet so it should help your hair teeth skin and nails. Try not to worry about it too much. That said i still use the Aussie range of deep conditioning for long hair once a week because it smells lush and seems to make my hair feel even better so maybe treat yourself to something like that. x


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Hey Rolo

look how far you have come, your weight loss to date is fabulous! you can do it, its such a short time out of your whole life ..think of why you want to lose the weight. HUGS

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