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dont know whats gone wrong...


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Sometimes our bodies just don't react the way we want them to, I often find that if I have a week like this where I don't lose even though I have done everything right that the week after I see a better result.
Also if you have increased/done lots of exercise then your muscles could be retaining more water than usual as this is what they do to help repair themselves following exercise.
Have you measured yourself it could be that you have shrunk in size rather than lost the weight.


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no change in inches either! :(
Nothing has gone wrong, Kes, it's just one of those weeks that is sent to try us. Stick with it and you'll see the difference next week, you are working so hard don't let this throw you off plan. Good luck, remember how far you've come!

KB x


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i only lost half a pound last week, so i was hoping for a loss this week....
surely somethings got to give soon!
I remember when I was doing slimming world the lady used to say about hitting a plateau with your weight loss, where your body just becomes used to what you are doing, and you need to find something else to kick start your weight loss. Have you become a bit complacent with portion control, do you need to cut down on the number of sins you are allowed, more exercise? Do you do slimming world with a group, maybe the leader can give you some ideas.

Hope something kicks in soon for you, it it demoralising when you know you are being good, and nothing is happening isn't it?

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