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I had my 3rd weigh in last night and lost 1lb,taking it to 2.5lb in 3 weeks. The swc went through my diary and I am doing fine,but suggested I try some red days as I do all green,so thats what I am going to do this week.

I was really fed up at working hard at it and not cheating to lose 1lb, 2.5lb in 3 weeks is slow right?
came home thinking I just as well give up! I am trying to make myself come round to thinking that even 1lb a week will eventually be 2 stone! Its going to take forever though.

I am enjoying the plan, am happy to try some red days so dont want to give up now but help me please....

on green days I eat a lot of savoury rice or ainsley harriot cous cous so am going to opt for a simple tuna or ham salad for lunches this week.

I also have around 9 syns a day..should I cut this down too? or try the red for a week and see if it works.

I know I should be pleased as she said last night I have lost each week,and if I give up then 2 months down the line I will be bigger but if i stick at it,it might take 2 months but I will be a stone lighter.

keep me on the straight and narrow please ladies

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Aww hun, I really feel for you. It's horrible to think you're working hard and getting nowhere but you are! 1lb a week is a healthy sustainable weight loss. You are more likely to keep it off. So what if it takes you a bit longer. I read on here a while back that it's better to eat lots of free foods rather than syn free. Thats things like all your veg, fruit, eggs, lean meat etc and less of the packet stuff. If I fancy pasta now I don't have pasta n sauce for instance, I'll have pastat with homemade tomato sauce.

I wouldn't cut your syns down any more, but do try a few more red days. I'm definitely taking the scenic route. I still have another 3 stone to lose but we will get there and more importantly we will keep it off. Do you do any exercise?

Roz x


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sorry you are feeling a bit down at the mo but you are still doing well if you gave up you would be putting the weight on again.try to eat alot of super speed foods as they help you loose more quickly these are things like cod, haddock,and other sorts of fish and lots of different fruits. hope this helps and hope you weight loss is good at next weigh in.

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I'm a bit depressed myself atc and wondering whether to carry on, but I started this with a view to it taking over a year to lose the weight, so I must pick myself up and start again. I go to WI tonight and am dreading it as I haven't been good at all over the last few days. Too much wine has been consumed and that's just empty calories.:sigh:

I will get back on plan starting today. :)

If you take a long-term view, one pound a week is 52 pounds in a year, which is brilliant and what the experts all recommend anyway. Don't give up, just keep on trying and see the weight come off, even if it's slow.
I have not been on diet long enough to know how my losses will be but I would say that you have lost 2.5 lbs and may have put on if you hadnt been following the plan. I had a friend on WW who lost very little until about the sixth week then weight started falling off - we are all different
I would try varying your days from green/original and making sure you are actually eating enough?


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Sorry sweetie!! Everyone loses differently and I had a lady in my class who was exactly the same as you in terms of losing slower than she wanted to, she lost 2 her first week but steadily lost 1 lb each week and although it took her longer, at the end she still lost what she wanted to lose. and when weight comes off slower it tends to stay off as your body has time to adjust

Don't be disheartened hon!! The scales are going in the right direction

1lb a week is still almost 4 stone in a year.

Last year my weight loss was ridiculously slow, I think I lost 1.5 stone over 6 months, then I fell off the wagon and piled that and more on. When I rejoined it made me realise that even if it does take that long to lose the weight at the end of the year i'd be 3 stone lighter, not 2 stone heavier than when I started. As the diet still lets you have treats and eat very well then we're not actually being deprived, we just are in comparison to how we used to eat (ie, how we ate to gain the weight).

Stick at it because it does work!!!
thanks ladies xx
I am planning a good week with 4 or 5 red days to see if it helps.
and your right if I give up it will go on quicker than 1lb per week


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yea, i agree with sharon, at least the scales are moving in the right direction, hopefully if you stick at it the weight loss will speed up. i get annoyed that im not dropping more, some people in class are 4/5 lbs a week and i just dont sew how its possible. it might be going slow but at least its going. AND its not a horrible diet so as long as your enjoying what your eating then even better.


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Some good advice up there. I would definately suggest trying the red days first. Also you say you have a lot of savoury rice - I know I'm a bit like a stuck record on this point but it nmakes sense, have less of the Syn free packet stuff and more of the free foods listed in your food optimising book. Aparently this will give you a greater loss. So rather than the savoury rice, cook rice from scratch and add veggies or whatever you want. People at my group have said they have actually found experimenting with their own recipes for rice and pasta has been better than using the ready made stuff. Also it fills you up more so you will naturally eat less

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i used to do all green but found they were very 'bloaty' , reds seem to work better for me but i find it hard as i dont really like lots of meat and hate fish.....so its chicken all round then :D.

im a sugar addict and crave sweet things all the time, and i mean all the time, im loosing the battle at the moment and for the past 2 months have been steadly putting back on all my hard earned weight loss, i know what im doing wrong just cant stop myself :(

but dont give up ' adiicted to choc' your not alone, keep at it a weight loss after all is a weight loss no matter if you think its only a small one, from small acorns giant oak trees grow.


Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Atc, you have had some great advice there, all good, I am pleased to see that you are not going to throw the towel in, and I wish you all the best for a good loss next week, even though I think a pound loss is great :)

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