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Don't seem to be losing weight

Hi Everyone,

Well i'm on day5 of the CD, and coping quite well. However, I have jumped on the scales everyday at the same time, and it is showing that I have not lost a single bit of weight!
I'm now really worried about my first WI on Monday.

Nothing like feeling demotivated at the start of a journey

Hi Moni :)

Do you weigh first thing, in the buff and after a wee?

Are you dong sole source or 790?

Have you checked to see if you're in ketosis?

I was the same, did'nt see a loss till a bit later, but I did lose by my first weigh in :)

Start taking your measurements now, if you hav'nt done already, you be suprised at the changes :)


Bm2lm xx


Full Member
Same thing happened to me when I went to a four day weigh in - everyone lost except me but I'd stuck ridedgly to programme :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: that week - stay with is. I find that my loss is at the beginning of the week then satys the same rest of the week.... Everyone's different xxxx
Have you bought new scales, or are you relying on ones that you've had for years. If it's old ones they could just be past in and not working right. Remember it's the scales at your weigh in with your CDC that count. Having said that, I'm exactly the same if I don't see any loss on my scales, demotivated, demoralised and downright huffy!!

Keep going though cos the diet definitely works, everyone will agree if you stick to it, drink lots of water it will come off.

Good luck;)
Let me tell you that the whole weighing self became a bit of an obsession of mine. Sometimes i had put on , other times i had lost. Basically I had to learn not to worry about it and just pop along to my CDC and that her scales would tell the truth... and they did!!!

So my message to you is don't worry, drink loads of water, stick to the diet. Maybe a first disappointing week will result in a fabulous 2nd week :)

Good luck
S xxx

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