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don't think im going to lose :(

I weigh in on a monday morning. looked at the scales this morning, just to check how things were going and they said I was UP 2lbs! Been eating a lot less points this week and hoping to have a 2lb loss.

(I do all my weigh-ins at home, so always same scales)

REALLY hoping its going to drop down and that is just a daily fluctuation!

I love having this forum to have a little moan to:D
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i used to weigh myself a few times a day i could be 6lb heavier in the eve,,it only drives you nuts,,you should be eating all your points also you dont want your body to think your in starvation mode and will hold onto the fat
Im eating all my points, but the past six weeks ive eaten all my weeklies and activity points, but as you can see from my sig. ive still been pretty successful. But this week not had any activity points and not had all my weeklies, to try and get a higher loss!
SOmetimes that can work against you.... especially if you are exercising.... Your body may be storing whatever you are eating as fat in order to fuel you for your exercise, if you see what I mean. xx
Ive had the same problem. Been exercising 5 x a week and eating my daily points and weeklys but not activity points thinking that it would boost my weight loss and wasnt losing so last week ate activity points as well and lost 2lbs!. Ive done the same this week and wi tomorrow but had a wee sneak at the scales and have put on this week!! Arrgh! What am i doing wrong? X
I was finding the same, I was close to going back onto discovery but I decided to make a few changes and give pro points another go. I now keep my gym exercises light, walk three miles on treadmill, half an hour on low level on crosstrainer etc. I only just my daily allowance, sometimes go over by one or two if I fancy a treat, oh and I point bananas as 2 points. Last week I lost 2lb and ive lost 1lb already this week, I weigh in on tuesdays so am hoping to maybe get another one off before weigh in!!! I have also started drinking alot of water which I think helps. I think pro points will be good for me when I'm maintaining but eating 29 points a day, plus my 49, plus the 20 activity points I earn is just way too much for me, I enjoy the control only eating my 29 points gives me, I'm not often hungry at the end of the day if I've used all my 29 points so I dont see any reason to eat more just to use up points. I've always had a problem with eating when I'm not actually hungry. When I first started pro points I used an extra 7 points a day so I would have used them all on breakfast, lunch and dinner but would then have a large bowl of cereal at about 9pm just because I had the points! I wasn't even hungry, that kind of eating made me borderline obese in the first place. Try and adapt the pro points plan to suit you, you've tried increasing what your eating, maybe try going down with how much your eating and do slightly gentler exercise. Good luck!!!

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