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Dont think im going to make my target


Dont think i'm going to be able to make my target weight for the 3rd September.

Got 6lb left to loose before I go away on the 3rd september and I cant see it happening. It my mum's birthday today (happy birthday mummy) and mine tomorrow so its going to be two days of unhealthy eating, trying the best I can though to stay on the straight a narrow. Just know im going to put more weight on, plus it's star week at the moment too. Meh meh meh!

How can I loose 6lb in three weeks!? Seriouisly cant see it happening.

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I will succeed!!!
Awww SJ :-(

I know it'll be disspointing for you, but if you do miss it, you won't miss it by too much. You've done so well and look fab so take comfort in that. Swit swoo!

There is a saying my nana used to use along lines of 'if you aim for the moon and miss, you'll at least reach the stars' - go for the 6lbs anyway but don't be too gutted if you miss it by a little.

Plus, it IS possible! 2lbs a week isn't always the easiest to get to, but if you're determined and plan well it's not impossible.

Good luck - we're here if you need to vent xxxx


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Could you really up your exercise after the celebrations??! That could help.

You never know eating more for a few days could kick-start your weightloss again, thats what always happens to me.

6lbs in 3 weeks is definately achievable!! :)
Sticky, thats actually a really lovely saying - bless your Nana!

Lisa, I dont exercise anymore as I quit the gym, keep saying I will go out for a run but never do!


I will succeed!!!
Sticky, thats actually a really lovely saying - bless your Nana!

Lisa, I dont exercise anymore as I quit the gym, keep saying I will go out for a run but never do!
She was top - I miss her so much. She was full of little sayings that I still use today, but she was also a little bit nuts - which I loved most about her. One minute she was like the oracle and the next she was putting a CD on her record player lol.

Stay focused honey - you deserve to enjoy your bday and have fun - and you will do well in the next 3 weeks. Have every faith xxx
Ah hun...don't stress about it! The best you can do it TRY. You've been so close to target before and you can get within a bugs whisker I'm sure. It was just your fantastic holiday that made you gain...so I bet you can do 6lbs in 3 weeks. Counterbalance the birthdays with loads of superfree foods. Have some success express days.

And if you don't get there...SO WHAT?! You are damn close and to be honest, if you're 2lbs away, that's not really going to make a massive difference in your size, which is what really counts isn't it...your overall measurements, not a number on a scale...

Thanks Hellie, forgot all about SE so maybe I will try and give that a shot if I can get my head around it! Would I be OK to throw some SE days into my normal red/green days?

I would feel a hell of a lot better if I lost weight but I guess its' not the end of the world, its how you feel though itsnt it. Hmmm...

Mum is taking me shopping friday for holiday clothing so maybe that will make me feel better if I can get into a smaller size lol.


Slow but sure....
SJ don't worry about it - just enjoy your two day's - and then get back on plan again - maybe you could just have SF foods and cut right back on your syns for a couple of weeks to give you a 'boost' - you are doing so well so don't stress about it now, I'm sure you will lose a few more lbs before your hol's. X
Youre tiny anyway!! :) but I agree... 6lbs in 3 weeks (2lbs a week) totally totally doable... and even if you dont get there (which i think you will) you can definately do it in 4 weeks?

Stay positive hunny :) but most important of all... ENJOY your birthday and your mums birthday and having some family get togethers, you never know it might spike your metabolism a bit and help shift the last pesky few lbs :) or SE, you can totally mix it in with red green days, id say that'd be better than doing a whole week of it (which i think is a bit tough!)... it would just give a boost to your red/green
worth a go maybe

aww, Sticky, that saying... thats such a gorgeous saying (I will remember that one!) :) thanks for sharing it xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Happy B'day to you both! It's OH's today too! Now think! What's a couple of weeks to the rest of your life? You're doing beautifully and come Xmas you'll be the belle of the ball, enjoy your 2 days , could you do flexible syns then you will feel in contol, then switch to SE!
When you say you're going to eat unhealthily, could you go somewhere for a gigantic steak? Just do one day off plan and spoil yourself with legal treats and syn the cake or whatever? You know that when you draw a line under what you've done the weight will start coming off again. Good luck and have a wonderful B'day tomorrow!
Definitely stick a few SE days in with your red and green...just slot them in. Jay did loads of them before her hols so look at her diary for some ideas.
Plan out meals with loads of superfree veg, fruity snacks, a good range of HEs...

I definitely think shopping for cute summer clothes that fit and flatter will help yes :D


I will succeed!!!
Erm...what is SE????

*feels like a SW spanner*
Success Express Sticky...you know where you have 2/3 superfree food on your plate then 1/3 red/green?

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