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Don't think SW is working for me

I'm 3 weeks in now following EE - I've been 100% all of the time. First week, I lost 5lbs which was great. Second week, I lost 1lb, then this morning at WI, I've put 1lb on:sigh:

I'm wondering if I should switch plans & try green or red.

Right now, I feel like giving up completely.

Does anyone have any advice? Its the first time I've ever tried an 'official' diet. I have a very stubborn last stone to shift after having my kids, and nothing seems to be working.

Any help would be very greatfully appreciated.

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Don't lose faith!!

You're still losing more than the recommended 1lb a week and 3 weeks is hardly giving it a chance!

There could be any number of reasons for a small gain this week - * week, water retenetion etc.

If you have been 100% and have followed the plan correctly, the weight will shift.

It might show up over 2 weeks, or even a month, but it will work!

Besides, you're not a million miles away from where you want to be, so don't expect huge losses all the time!

Stick at it and it will pay off!
I know a gain can be very disheartening, but think of the bigger picture. You've lost 5lb in 3 weeks - that's more than 1.5lb per week (average losses are 1 to 2lb per week).

Have you stuck to plan 100%? Or are there things that could have tripped you up?
For example, have you gone over your syns at all? And have you been acurately measuring your HEx's? (It's surprising how many people begin to have gains just because they stop measuring there HEx's).

If you have a food diary you could post maybe we could have a look at it for you and offer some advice/suggestions?

I'm sure you're doing a great job - sometimes our bodies just work in mysterious ways.
Sending positive vibes and lots of luck your way :vibes:


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as said above, 5lb is a canny loss in 3 weeks, there will be weeks when you lose and weeks when you STS or even gain because your body is different all the time.

SW isn't a quick fix its a lifestyle change and you will get ups and downs.

My advice is to change a little something each week, eg one week eat scan bran every day, then the next week up your water intake, the next week change something else. That'll keep your body guessing and keep your metabolism going.

Keep at it, 5lb is nearly half a stone! you should be proud of that!

ps and don't judge yourself on other peoples weightloss at group, everyone is different x


bye bye baby tummy
are you sure your having 1/3 super free


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You need to look at your losses over at least a four week period as many people find they sts or gain around their time of the month due to fluid retention. Could this be the reason?
Thanks for replying everyone - I was feeling a bit down in the dumps earlier.

I've been eating lots of superfree foods, definitely having 1/3 of my plate filled with them, & snacking on them through the day - canteloupe melon is my weakness! I've not been going anywhere near over my syns - think the hughest I've got since I started was 9. I was told to have between 5 - 10 a day, so I've been aiming for at least 5. I've been weighing my HEs too.

Since Sunday, I've been drinking 2litres of water a day at least as I don't think I was drinking enough water so I've got 2 x 2litre bottles in the fridge now so I can monitor it a bit.

I went out for dinner with my Dh last week & he wanted to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet & even then I just ate a plate full of salad & had fruit for dessert as everything else was in a sauce of some description.

I made a big batch of super speedy soup yesterday & have had that for lunch & dinner today, so I'm going to keep on with that & see how I go.

Thanks again
You can do it claras - we all believe in you and support you 100%
Good luck!! Xxx

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