Don't understand about free foods can you help


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I know everyone says "belive in the free food" but i have a really hard time getting my head round it. For example egg fried rice is free right...but its surelly atleast 200-300 calories. Where as say a prawn salad with a rose marie sauce which is classed as a syn even though the whole thing totals less than 70 kcals...we cant have!
Does anyone know the biological reason as to why we apparently can still lose the weight by having more calories?
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it's all to do with how satisfying and filling the food is.

you can have prawn salad for free but you would have to syn the high fat mary rose sauce.

you may be better posting on the main SW part of the forum for more responses. :)


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Hello there, I think its to do with the fact that egg fried rice would keep you fuller for longer, so there would be less need for you to munch on stuff you shouldnt be having. If you look at prawn salad/cocktails its just made up of prawns and lettuce leaves, and some tasty sauce. It may be less calories but you would have to eat a lot more of that to be full, so later on youd eat something you perhaps shouldnt do because you have become hungry again. I think thats the theory behind SW. Hope that helps a bit xx