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dont understand


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It might just be water retention, Nicole, due to all of the liquid and veg, rather than protein that you've been eating. I'd say that's most likely, since the weight loss is fast and high. And if that's the case, then it should also come off again pretty quickly and only be very temporary.


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Don't panic, and don't punish yourself and your bod for just trying to look after you well.

You have an injury to your mouth - your body doesn't understand that this was a planned surgery - it just knows that you were badly injured and need to recover your strength.

Remember that for billions of years of mammalian evolution - and human history - an injury to the mouth might well be a death sentence.

So - your body will react to the stress by behaving in ways - some quite subtle and inexpected - which are designed to help you mend; one of these would be to hold on to water and energy stores as carefully as it can.

So - take things one step at a time, and be gentle with yourself. The faster it heals, the faster your body will relax back into a normal mode and react the way you expect it to.

It's all going to be all right.
Is happy today got on scales and back to weight before op not going to update ticker til Friday my official weigh in day but so happy x


Not very good at this!
I'm sure I read somewhere about NSAID's slowing losses - not sure where..
I find my losses are better when I am not taking any painkillers.


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Great news, Nicole! I was pretty sure that it would be something temporary like water retention, but it's always a relief when it's gone and you're back to normal. :)

How are your gums feeling today, pet?

Also, don't worry about the NSAIDs. If you need them at the moment, then keep taking them.

I can't manage without mine every single day and it hasn't slowed down my weight loss. Mind you, everyone's different and it may affect loss in other people. I think I may even, like Mousie, have read somewhere that they might possibly slow things down in some cases. But if they're the most effective against the pain, then I wouldn't stop them until you're okay without them.
My gums ok today although my nerves have come back to life so whole face pretty sore. Just finding it hard to eat meat have to cut it into tiny cubes before I can eat it x


Goat herder(ess)
When it's all healed up, you'll be ever so glad you had them out, Nicole. I know that it's probably difficult to believe at the moment, whilst you're still suffering, though.

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