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Don't want to go to weigh in tonight

I really don't want to go to wi tonight.
I have had a bad weekend and I am 100% I will have gained.I don't want to go and be embarrassed, I'd be super pleased if I lose a pound.

Last week I felt the same as I'd been out drinking but food wise I'd been good and I lost 4 pounds which I was shocked/pleased about.

I have been to the gym 3 times this week and tried to be good. I haven't tracked this week, why I don't know. I think that too has something to do with why I am so sure I have gained. I will be tracking again as of tomorrow.

Does anyone else get nervous on wi day?
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ya i get nervous now as i don't weigh myself in between official wi anymore,,but if your still exercising then i'd be inclined to go,,if you dont go this week then maybe next week you mightened bothe either,,then your on the slippery slope of stopping altogether!!!
Hi weigh in isnt just for good losses group isnt just for losers so to speak,its for times like this when you struggle,I guarenttee there will be more sts and gains then anyone thinks,we are all human life happens and we gain even when we are good,your leader wont judge having had to have done ww herself/himself they will know what its like.
Go even if you gain that gain may get you on the straight and narrow hey :) xx
Try and be consistent and you will definately see some improvement.
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Hi Summer - I get ridiculously nervous on WI day even if I know that I have followed the plan 100%. It is only natural to do so - we are all making changes in our lifes which will benefit us greatly in the long run and we all want the scales to be our friends and provide us with a loss! Unfortunately as size102b said as women our bodies do strange things when we are losing weight - when I did WW before I STS for a whole month even though I was following the plan 100%! The next month I lost 10 lbs! Crazy.

I would definitely go to WI - you may be pleasantly surprised or if you do not go as yummymummy75 said you will be starting down a slippery slope! let us know how you get on!

Sharkbait1983 x
Thanks everybody.
I went and I went on the scales first (well before my friend) and I have lost 1 pound.
I am happy that it is a loss but I feel that not tracking made me feel like I'd ate so much. I will be tracking religiously from tomorrow morning.
congrats on your 1 pound loss summer - I knew you would be fine! Each pound will soon start to add up!

Sharkbait1983 x


is gonna shine in 2009
i don't wanna go this morn either, i've been 100 percent on track and it's looking like a gain......damn you mother nature.....just another reason to hate TOTM


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well done for going ans the loss!! the problem is if you miss one you start to miss more and then the whole plan goes to pot!
well done on the lossx

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