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Dont you just wish...

Yes I agree Starlight! Although I'd have everything apart from tomato soup and I'd prob' have a few extra banana shakes :)
Yes I'd have a soup a day mix, 14 of each bar and a chocolate a day.... Would be great!


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Wouldn't that be love-er-ly!!



Fitness Freak!
Id definately go for one with all shakes and bars.


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Maybe as they would be left with loads of tomato and strawberry??



I will never give up
we should all write to them and maybe they might change it if they get so many people asking. i dont know why they dont do it as everybodys got different tastes so some people would have the tomato and strawberry flavours also theyre the same price so its weird why the wont. they would get more people going straight to them and not having to buy sell the flavours they like and dislike on ebay.
I suppose that's where they make their money - once you've had the half price pack you find which flavours you like, then either put up with the ones you don't like or shell out for individual packs. There must be people who dislike some flavours so much they'll buy nice ones individually.
:eek: Glad I'm a dustbin who likes them all :eek: !!

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