Dopey Q about Quark


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Ive never put it in swede but i have used it in mashed potato and it did help the mashed potato to be less lumpy and more creamy. so i dont see why it wouldnt work in swede.. give it a try :eek:)


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Yeah i agree you can use it however you wish. I very much believe in experimenting in the kitchen so do wht every you feel.


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on the subject of quark when you cook it in a recipe can you taste the 'bitterness' or does it react like cheese as doing the chees and brocolli bake from the mag (not the most recent mag the one before) and oh is worried about the taste of quark


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I am going to look like a complete idiot here!!! :8855:

Can I use quark to mash up my swede for cottage pie? :rolleyes:

I am no good at cooking and would have previously mashed pots in lashings of butter but obv this is not clever anymore.


I use butter buds...sachets of fat free powdered butter 1/2 syn each, usually use 2 for 1 swede...really buttery!!! If you haven't seen them before, they are avail from lakeland.

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I agree with the butter buds suggestion, they are really tasty, used them before I joined sw, but must get more. Quark should be fine in the swede, but I just like loads of black pepper on my neeps! :)


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Swede tends to be a bit more watery than spuds, so if you do add anything to them, I'd try and not add too much or they might go a bit sloppy.

I made the SW Shepherd's Pie last night, with the swede topping on it and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!