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Cml's releasing the slim girl within.

First day of cruise today. I lost 9lbs in 5 days on attack. I am thrilled with the results. :) I am ready for some vegetables today though. So far I have had the oatbran porridge for breakfast with a ft yogurt.
I am suprised what difference the extra 1/2 tbsp of oatbran has made to my hunger levels. I have a cottage pie with swede mash currently cooking. Looking forward to eating that for lunch. We are. then over to the in laws for roast tonight. So just the meat and veg for me.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but i have found that a lot of my colleagues think that I am crazy to be doing this diet. I can just tell that they don't think that i'm going to stick to it. To be honest I haven' t found it that difficult so far , so I guess

I will just have to prove them wrong. :rolleyes:
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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Well done on your loss!
TBH I've only told one friend and my mum that I'm doing Dukan as it doesn't get a great press.
I just say I am on a low fat, low carb diet. Once I get to target AND have kept it off then I may tell them! ;)
Now on second week of cruise and still going strong. There have been days when i want to change to another diet as this can be so tough on PP days, but then i keep seeing a consistant weight loss, so it keeps me going.

I don't think that i have ever stuck this ridgeously to a diet, but i can really see a difference in such a short space of time , so my motivation is so high.

I have ordered myself a nice pair of red heels to congratulate myself on my first stone.

Attack - 5 days = 9lb
Cruise - 2 days to end Week 1 = 2lb
Week 2 - 4lb


** Chief WITCH **
Well done at sticking to it despite the saboteurs !
Another 2lbs down this week.

Getting losts of compliments and loving fitting into old clothes.

Also my wedding and engagement rings fit properly again.
Another 2.5lb down this week. I am loving this diet, it has now started to become a way of life. I have completed my first month tomorrow and even if I sts I will have lost 21.5lbs in a month. That is such a good feeling. I am almost half way there.
Another 2.5lb down this week.
Still sticking to the diet everyday.
So pleased with my results so far.

I bought my xmas party outfit in a size smaller, so as to slim into it. So thrilled that it fits perfectly already.
Very well done that must be a great feeling :D
Thanks ellie, it was a great feeling.

Another 2lb down this week.

I had 3 childrens parties this week, so i am very pleased with that loss. I managed to resist the temptation of all the lovely Halloween treats.

I did have a bit of a wobble on Thurs as it was TOTM and i just wanted to have a proper meal and i was on a PP day.

I gave myself a talking too lol and i am now so glad that i didn't stray off track as i am now 13st something, for the first time in 5 years.

So glad that i found this diet and this forum has helped me loads.
That's brilliant well done you x I'm also glad I tried the diet after my friend talking me into it. It's becoming a way of life now :) OH was going to take me clothes shopping at the weekend but I told him I'd wait and just get a belt to hold my jeans up lol most of my clothes are too big and the smaller ones are now fitting. January / pre Xmas sales here i come
It has become my way of life too. At first i thought that i would switch to another low carb diet that wasn't so restrictive, but now i feel like i can see this through to the end.

Ellie, i just noticed that we started this at almost the same time.

We booked our dream holiday to Walt Disney World for next Oct/Nov this week. I want to be on stabilization by then, but i am still taking each week at a time.
Good luck to you I'm sure you will be there by then:D
I haven't updated for a few weeks. I have lost another 4lbs in the past 3 weeks, so 10 weeks in and still losing. I can safely say that this is the best that i have stuck to any diet.

The difference in my body shape is now really noticeable and i just know that there is no going back this time.

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