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  1. Kayleehollie

    Kayleehollie Full Member

    Hey, just a quick question, is the rule you can't have 2 down days together? Sorry just need clarification because I got a wedding in a couple of Sundays and that's my DD and so trying to do a reshuffle of days!! x
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  3. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    I'm doing 2 ATM and weigh in on Sunday so I'll let you know! Xx
  4. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Silver Member

    I thought it was best not to, but im a newbie perhaps someone with experience on here can give u a better answer
  5. supergran

    supergran Going to do this......

    Im of the same thinking as sunnyrae, :)
  6. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    Well...... you could but JUDDD says no as it can really affect your long term motivation and success. Not to mention making you feel hungry and crabby!

    So, if you think you can manage it, why not?

    Me? I'd just acknowledge that life got in the way that week and break my pattern.
  7. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Me too, I'd rather have an extra UP day and a slower loss, than demotivated myself with two DDs which I think would be a pretty tough ask ...

    P x
  8. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    I did 2 DDS this week to re-shuffle my days and it was fine, even had a good loss! One of the days i was slightly over 500 cal the next about 300. They provb suggest u dont do it but it never bothered me!! Every person is different! X
  9. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    I mentioned this in another thread but there were no response so not sure. I read that your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto fat after 48 hours so that is meant to be one of the reasons the diet works by alternating days. So with one dd including sleeping time I would think you may lose less with two dd's in a row. If you do decide to do it please do let us know what your results are.
  10. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    That's what I like about this place.

    No-one ridicules anyone for a question and everyone shares their own experiences without insisting they are right.

    It's so helpful and friendly, unlike some other places.

  11. hellym1971

    hellym1971 Full Member

    I guess it is something you just have to try - if doesn't work out, heh it's one day out of your journey.x
  12. yoga84

    yoga84 Gold Member

    The original research that the horizon programme was based on actually stated to do fast days together so I don't think there's any scientific reason not to - it takes longer than that for our bodies to go into starvation mode. Especially if up until then you have a good UD DD routine going... Your body will know that more food IS coming soon :)

    The reason people advise not to do it is because it's sooooo difficult to do!! And the whole point of JUDDDDing is not to get diet fatigue

    Hope that helps?

  13. Kayleehollie

    Kayleehollie Full Member

    Thank you everyone for your responses! Think I might give it ago, it's 2 weeks away so may change my mind haha! And of course I'll let you all know how I get on!! Thanks x
  14. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    I think it will also slow down your metabolism..... so on your next UP day your metabolism will use up your food slower.....
  15. halfangelhalftart

    halfangelhalftart Full Member

    Apparently, there is no change in metabolic rate if the fast is 72 hours or less, which means you keep burning body fast at your normal metabolic rate. The author of Leangains advises the following:

    "A high meal frequency does not boost your metabolism, nor does fasting or a low frequency slow it down either. The latter has been shown quite clearly when researchers made people fast for 72 hours and found no difference in metabolic rate at the 12 hour mark, compared to the 72 hour mark. That's three days without food, yet all subjects retained a fully intact metabolic rate. There are other studies looking at one meal a day and alternate day fasting that does not find an impact on metabolism either.

    Some studies have actually found that fasting boosts metabolic rate slightly during the initial 36 hours - this is supposedly an evolutionary response, mediated by norepinephrine, as the body mobilizes extra energy when food is scarce. You can imagine it would be highly counterproductive to mister caveman if he found himself slow and lethargic when he needed to find food in order to not starve to death."

    The studies referenced in this excerpt:

    Zauner C, Schneeweiss B, Kranz A, Madl C, Ratheiser K, Kramer L, Roth E, Schneider B, Lenz K. Resting energy expenditure in short-term starvation is increased as a result of an increase in serum norepinephrine. Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 Jun;71(6):1511-5.

    Webber J, Macdonald IA. The cardiovascular, metabolic and hormonal changes accompanying acute starvation in men and women. British journal of nutrition 1994; 71:437-447.

    And this post is interesting too if you fancy a long read:
  16. lumpyandbumpy

    lumpyandbumpy Silver Member

    i think the idea is to ensure you keep the body guessing by eating lots one day then 'starving' the next but then again other fasting patterns incorporate 2 fast days in a row such as the 5/2 pattern so if you're doing it to swap days around i cant see there being a problem with ur body holding on to weight. personally ive done 2 down days in a row over the past 2 weeks as ive had to change my pattern twice for the weekend and ive lost 1lb on each one, so thats 2lbs over the space of 2 days which i think helped me this week as if i had had an up injstead of having the 2nd down, i think i would have stayed the same again. it is something i am contemplating doing for my personal pattern as it seems to shift the weight from my ups quicker, particularly when ive overindulged on the Ups, and i actually dont mind doing it during the week. wouldnt last 5 mins on 2 weekend down days though! x
  17. halfangelhalftart

    halfangelhalftart Full Member

    Away from science etc - I don't think 2 DDs will harm your weight loss if you can do it.

    My fear for myself would be caving into the hunger and binging into the thousands then dealing with the emotional guilt afterwards. But that's me and my issues. Maybe once I have a healthier mindset with food etc I would use it. Infact, once I'm back to work and have to work late a few shift I may do it inadvertantly!
  18. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    Halfangelhalftart, thank you for sharing that information. I will have a read of the link you posted and I too now will consider do this.
  19. Kayleehollie

    Kayleehollie Full Member

    How did you get on? x
  20. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Morning, Juddd def states not to do 2 DDs in a row, he states its because the body may go into starvation mode. I don't know what the science bit actually reveals as they are researching all the time, my take is that I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to go for 48 hrs (longer in reality) on so few calories on a regular basis as I wouldn't want to encourage eating issues, on Juddd food is our friend. But what I would say is that if it is a one off occasion where you can see no other way around it then it won't do any harm, I did one in June due to the jubilee got through it ok but my loss was no more than usual so I def wouldn't do one to try and increase an weight loss. So in short I def wouldn't encourage people to do them every week but as a one off then I see no problem but in all honesty you would be better off doing an IM and a DD it will have the same effect as a IM is a a cal controlled day x
  21. slimdreamer

    slimdreamer Full Member

    Hi Kayleeholie, just out of interest did you do this in the end? How are you getting on?

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