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Doubtful and wavering...


Step away from the chips!
First of all apologies - this could end up long & rambling :eek:

After 2 weeks of pretty dismal losses i'm starting to doubt the diet :sigh: I really feel like i'm getting nowhere right now and i'm on the verge of jacking the whole thing in.
The rational me says dont be daft woman. After a fall from grace where i put on 3lbs, i scrambled an 11lb loss the following week but the week after was only 3lbs on a week which would have been (going by my weight-loss pattern so far) a good week. But i reckon this was as much as my body could muster having lost 11lbs the previous week. So now this week was just 2lbs and again going by my previous losses this would have been a "small loss week" anyway. But i've never had a 2lb before :( I'm pretty sure i'm retaining fluid, going purely by trips to the loo versus amount of water consumed and as i mentioned on another thread, i havent had a poo for a week now :confused:
I am just really doubtful now, about everything i guess. I want to lose another 2 stone (probably) after i reach my current 13 stone target and at the minute it feels like an insurmountable task. Mad i know. I've lost 5 so another 2 should be a piece of the proverbial weewee right? Try telling my head that :rolleyes: I've achieved all the mini goals i set myself ahead of the time frame i gave myself but i'm now thinking...yeah but you made those goals too easy to achieve, you were always going to blow them out of the water so where's the challenge? You haven't really achieved anything as far as thats concerned because you made it too easy for yourself. Aaaaarrrggh evil stupid voices :eek:
I'm still 100% committed to the diet, there's no problem with that but i seriously worry what my reaction might be if i fail to have a good loss next week. Its almost like i need that loss of more than 4lbs every other week to keep me motivated and thats not how it should be really :confused:
Maybe i'm putting undue pressure on myself - i'm going home in 2 weeks and will be seeing my family & friends for the first time since starting CD and i really wanted to wow them but i dont think thats going to happen. Or at least thats how it feels at the moment.
I know i'm being horribly self-pitying but i just needed to get the crap out of my head so maybe i can deal with it better or get help to deal with it better.

Grrrr harrumph, i hate being in a mood :eek:
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Maybe the 'poo' is the problem?? Constipation can make you feel miserable and down! Look at the new thread!!!!
2 stone left after loosing 5 is something that you can do! I really believe that you should get to your target, I am sure it will help you to avoid putting it on again - you need to acheive your goal!!!


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I could so have written that post myself.
I too have hit a bit of a standstill and like you have had a pretty poor loss the last 2 weeks. After speaking to my cdc she advised moving up to ss+ which believe it or not really spurred me on to keep with ss.
I think it does get hard when you've done ss for so long, especially when you start to hear all of the lovely comments. You start to question whether you really need to lose anymore, need to hit your target.
All I would say to you is, you have done incredibly well up until now. You are an inspiration to so many and you deserve to reach your target and look even better than you do now.
It won't be too much longer before you can start to move up the plans and start planning the rest of your future.
The best of luck with it all. :D
While I don't have any advice for you, I know what you mean.

Almost 2 weeks ago I started 1000 and first week I STSed, and I figured, well, I guess it's cause I've been eating carbs now.
Hoppen on the scales today (2 days until my WI) and I've lost 1 lb.
I mean, I could lose 1lb a fortnight on any other diet and it wouldn't cost as much! :(

I'm already planning to move to WW soon, and this makes me want to do it even more :cool:
hey dont lose heart jennie u have done so well you no why? ill tell you wen u came out of ketosis you would have put on between 5 and 7 pound due to you glyco.... somink being restored to normal basically your body would have kept more water in when i came out of ketosis teh scales were going up every day made me really worried even though i new people that come out of keto gain some weight but i just got freaked out ate more and ended with a 8 pound gain since u have come out of ketosis you have still managed to lose even if a pound its still a pound its going down and your metabelisim needs to settle back to normal too which can take a good few weeks dont despair ok your doing well


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It can be disheartening but you know this works, you have to keep the the faith!!
Have you spoken to your CDC about it? Perhaps they will have a few suggestions. You have done fantastic with your weight loss don't give up! xxx
Oi missus, i dont want to hear of you giving up..your doing to well, so what your having a few small losses it may pick up again. and you will sooo wow your family when you see them no questions about it. It could be the constiapation especially as you havent went for a week. Have you mesured yourself hun?



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Karen, from 1 Banbridge girl to another:D - keep your good work up - You have lost 5 stone, 5 STONE !!! WOW!!:eek: You have only 2 stone to go and how long will that take -2 months or so!! As you get smaller you will find the losses are not as big, so don't panic. My losses have been about 2-3 lbs a week and hey, if i had been on any other diet, i wouldn't have stuck with it, believe me!! Have tried them all and this one works!! You're a prime example of that!!:D And you don't have hunger to fight with which you would with all the other diets. I've seen your photos and you look fab. Of course your family are gonna be bowled over by you!! How could they not be!!?

Keep the faith girl!!



Step away from the chips!
Thank you all for being wise for me and reading your replies has given me a huge boost. Its weird i know i've done good so far but its like i dont REALLY know it iykwim? Liz, your post made me cry, soft eejit that i am :eek::), you've done brilliantly too, so hope that you're also going to heed your own, as always, fab advice.

Camille its so funny because i see you post every week after weigh-in as we must weigh at around the same tme on the same day and i always think, wow she's doing so great! And the weird thing is we've lost virtually the same amount of weight in almost the same amount of time but i never think that about myself. Its ridiculous isnt it?

I wont be giving up (at least not until i see what next week brings :p) and in the meantime i will work on the issues i have with the losses slowing down, as you say Jaxie it WILL happen more often now and i need to learn how to deal with that.

Becky i did measure today, at my CDCs suggestion even though i measured last week and all my measurments are an inch down on the week before, so that was good. Just wish i didnt hold so much store in what the scales say and could take as much comfort in needing less of the tape measure to go round my ample ass :rolleyes::p

Thank you all again, i'm sure i'll feel even better agin when i finish my week of nights in the morning and feel less fuzzy and grumpy ;):D


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My favourite trick when I'm measuring is to put the measure round my waist, then hold it at what my waist used to measure when I started. Then I can really 'see' How much I've lost. When I do that round my thighs I find it hard to imagine that they ever were that big.

I've also kept one pair of 'big' trousers which I put on now and again for the comedy value. They don't even stay up anymore - I can get the on without undoing the buttons.

I do these little things regularly looking at myslef in the mirror. And they always make me smile.

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