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Doubting Myself

Up till about 3 o'clock today I have been so full of confidence that I thought I was indestructable on this diet. This evening a Different Me has crept in.
Im not sure when it happened but I have heard of a few people on this programme that have dropped out and I suppose I am thinking along the lines of 'well what makes me think I can do this if they cant?? What makes me so different?'.
I am doing what I told myself not to do.....look too far ahead.
I am due on soon so thought maybe that is making me feel like this. I also feel tearful which is another sure sign that its probably just a 'glitch' month.
I would like to know if other ladys on here have experienced feelings like this or am I doomed to fail?
I am on my third week and have been dedicated 100% and although I dont feel like giving up now, I have just started seeing the long road ahead and am feeling terrified.
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Oh honey I'm sure we've all felt like this and I for one have had many ups and downs but this journey is one well worth persevering with, I've learned so much and everyone here has been there for me through the tough patches.

You can do this hun, you started this journey for a reason and you ARE a strong woman, we're all in this together!

Emma xXx
Thank you Emma...Im glad there was someone here to answer me tonight....I feel like pants.
I am re reading all the posts that I found so inspiring yesterday and I think that after a sleep tonght i will be back in the mindset.
You'll be fine, it's just a lot harder to deal with our emotions when we don't have food to comfort us so we're dealing with them 'raw' I guess.

You're such a positive person and even in your post worrying about it all you say you're not tempted to give up! You're so in the right place for this journey!
Hey Lisa - don't doubt yourself, you've done just great so far, and you WILL continue to do so.
I have to admit it's the weekends I find hard - funny, before LL I prayed for the weekends to come sooner, now I wish them over sooner! It's because pre-LL my weekends were filled with meeting friends for lunch, going out for dinner, drinking vats of wine etc etc. Maybe it's a bit like that for you too?
Really hope you feel better in the morning, just think about how much looser your clothes are feeling already - and stop thinking of it being a long haul, in the grand scheme of things it's such a short time, and for me - a fraction of the time that I have been overweight and miserable for.
Hope that helps a little - let us know how you go tomorrow xx


I Can Do This!
Funny isn't it - I look at LL as being the shortcut. On WW I could never see an end with the pointing diet stretching on and on for years. With LL I can see me being the weight I long to be (was meant to be!) within about eight months. There is an end. Eight months is such a short time when compared to the time I have spent being overweight and trying to lose it. This time it's real, I have lost a previously unachievable 44lb in 10 weeks and the end is touchable.

There are loads of people on here who HAVE stuck with it 100% and are making amazing progress or have achieved their goals and are successfully maintaining. You can do it hon. Hope tomorrow (today now) you regain that passionate belief. xx


Is back in the saddle!
Those /\ /\ /\ posts are the real cinchers Asil!! I started just after New Year. When was New Year? Seems like minutes ago!! This is such a short, iddy biddy bit of time to get where you want to be in good sized leaps, not piddly little dribbles like a lot of other ways of doing it. You have time to assess, re think and re learn and TA TA! you're there in the place you want to be.

There are glitchy weeks, I always think of that drugs advert where the weird salesman is trying to work out if the man in a puker etc. Your own body is wheedling and pushing and testing to see if you have a chink in your armour, especially at TotM. Go have a walk, a bath, watch a DVD, clean the understairs cupboard with loud music on.

It's a new day now and another one closer to your goal.

Onwards and Downwards!!
you can do this i was just the same as you and i have done just stay strong and stick with it tmi is a pain in the bum which can make you feel like like this it is worth it in the end
Morning Asi....

Take a deep breath and have a think about this logically. A stone a month - what could be faster!! For now, look to the short goals if the end goal feels to daunting. But here is a caluclation that might help spur you on. You are going to lose about the same amount that I did.

Now, I am 48. I started having real weight issues in my early 20s (imagined weight issues my entire life!) but factual, on-the-scale issues since I was about 22 or 23.

So, I have just worked out, from that time to the time I hit my goal....I spent 1300 weeks FAT.

I started LL on 8-1-08 and reached my goal 21-09-08......so it took me 41 weeks to lose 130+/- pounds.

That is ONLY 3% of all the years spent fat. JUST THREE PERCENT! :D How wonderful, and how TINY an amount of time is that?

While we say "it's a small sacrifice", I don;t think it even quantifies as a sacrifice! It's a mere 'blink of an eye'.

Anyone can give 3% of themselves to any project or task with very little pain.

You can do this......and you will be SO rewarded for doing so. Do not focus on others and what they are doing in your group. Look at yourself, visualise every single day what you are going to look like, how you will sit in an airplane seet with a foot of extra seatbelt, and several inces around you, that you will walk into ANY shop and buy off of ANY rack, that you will hold your head high and have a spring in your step - that you will LOVE life.

You can do this. Keep your head down, focus focus focus, and power on through. You will be SO glad you did.



Silver Member
Lisa, I can't add anything to the comments above,but I agree with each and everyone of them.Yes this diet is extreme and hard work and unsociable,but on the plus side you lose weight extremely quickly,your body is detoxed ,your skin will be in wonderful condition,you will get back to a healthy BMI and all in a relatively short time.Most of us get iirritable and tearful at this time of the month,but give yourself a wee non-food treat to keep you going.Anyway you can't leave the March starters :D x.Good luck.Today is another day.
just to say everyones elses advice is spot on, as normal!

its so worth it, a short cut as someone said to get you where you want to be so you can start afresh.

At the end of the day to put your life on hold a bit for 3/6 months has got to be worth it in the long run.

i have 'missed' out on few social occasions ( well that's actually crooked thinking as i have attended and enjoyed, just not eaten or drunk alcohol) but after each one i feel so proud of myself and stronger!

you can and will do this

daisy x
Hi Lisa

Hope you're feeling better today, and hope the above posts have helped - they've certainly RE-inspired me!

Another thing that hels me, that may help you too - I am getting huge amounts of pleasure out of treating myself in different ways - for example I now have a bathroom full of lotions and potions I wouldn't have bothered with before, and instead of having a lovely bottle of wine or a great meal, I spend time lying in a bubble bath with a good book, followed by a full body exfoliation and moisturise, topped off with a manicure and pedicure. Takes hours, and makes me feel great! Another thing I have taken to doing, as I don't want to waste money on clothes that will only fit for a few weeks, I have been buying cheap, pretty underwear sets - just from the supermarkets etc, but again they make me feel great, much more attractive and confident - even though it's only me that sees them 99% of the time!

Hope some of that helps, but indulging in serious "me" time is fab for the soul - trust me! :D
i have 'missed' out on few social occasions ( well that's actually crooked thinking as i have attended and enjoyed, just not eaten or drunk alcohol) but after each one i feel so proud of myself and stronger!

you can and will do this

daisy x

ANd, of course, no social occassion feels as good as strutrting around slim, ay?
I felt like that too

Lisa, what you are feeling is natural. "Why should I be able to do it when lots of others cant?"
What about
"Others can do it, so can I" ?
I felt those feelings especially at the end of Foundation when a couple of people in our group just stopped and I still had over 8 stone to lose. But I persevered and the time whizzed past and the weight whizzed off. And here I am.
I can hold my head high, know my OH is proud to be seen with me, go into any shop and start at the SMALL end and sometimes say "THe 12 is too big - do you have it in a 10? !!!!!!
Can you imagine- moi............. I honestly never thought it would happen and it has.
I enjoy spending time in the bathroom, my bedroom, making space for my new clothes, wearing boots, mini-skirts, tight jeans, pretty undies, leg -warmers etc,etc.
But still I had those feelings recently after a few weeks on RTM - doubts.
"How will I be able to maintain this when so many others can't?"
I've given myself a good talking to and said "WHY NOT?" If it's important enough to me I will and it is.
My whole life has changed. All the positives I've mentioned above are bonuses.
My real need was to improve my health - mental and physical and re-start my life and re-gain my self esteem.
That's what makes the difference.
Hang on in there Lisa. It's worth the investment.
Wow. loving this thread! I feel re-motivated on my diet, although not this one :D Also see Andy's (SerenityValley) thread called the passing of time, that's really inspirational as well.
I haven't really got anything to add, these guys have said it all I think! Just keep downing those shakes and soups, there are bound to be good times and bad times on this diet and as long as you stick with it, you'll get through. The time goes really quickly even though sometimes it doesn't seem it.
Im overwhelmed. Thank you to each and every single one of you. I read every one of the posts in this thread when I got back from taking my son to football this morning. Your wise words and your brilliant advise has rebuilt my will power and got rid of any glitches that were threatening me last night. Im so thankful for the people on this site.
Im am re inspired and your right. I Can Do This.
A millions thank you's.
Hi asilasil.

Sorry to see you were not feeling in the zone last night, but there have been some inspiring words written to you. I am glad to see that you are back on track. So onwards and downwards, you can do it.

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