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Down a dress size!

Woohoo fantastic job hun..I Love that feeling of fitting something on and go..oh this is not going to fit me..an then just sliding stright into it...
well done!!! I am trying not to buy anything, I have so many differtent sizes hanging up I should be good for awhile yet!! Must be a great feeling! xoxo
I'm 6 weeks in and I tell you it just gets better and better....
When i started i threw out alot of my size 26's and other clothes and i'm currently wearing 24's but i look rediculous walking down the street because im pulling them up all the time!! I'm a size 22 now but i have no other clothes to fit my current size....i have a pair of jeans in a 20 which i cant wait to get into....then god knows what im going to do when they're too big for me!


Sensibly losing :)
Way to go Butterbean hun!!! :) :) ... How cool does that feel!!! Wont be many weeks and you will be out again getting once again the next size down!! :D

I used to wear a size 28 trousers too a few years back... and were not exactly baggy on me ... I cant believe it looking back at those days.. in my body I feel fatter now than I was back then...! Its odd how the brain works isnt it!

Well done and keep up the good work!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Well done beanie yay! :clap xxx


Slim for summer
I can't wait to go clothes shopping and actually 'enjoy' it again!

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