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Down Down I feel so Down

DONT DO IT SHORNIE! You know you'll feel even worse with yourself if you do! I know its hard in the office, god knows there are always smells wafting by me but come on man, pull yourself together and toughen up! You know you can do it, get those thoughts out your head and think positive! Just talk on here to get passed those feelings.
I hope you reaslise I mean toughen up in the most nicest way! I dont think pussy footing around this diet works. We know what it involves and yea its bloody hard but the more we dwell teh harder it is, god knows I have spoken myself into eating on more than one occasion in the past becaseu i feel so crappy. Dont do it tho,we all have each other for supprt.
Have A Hot Cup Of Tea, That Should Warm You Up & Put Any Temptations At Bay. Your 1/2 Way To Goal, You Can Do This!!!
Don't give in Shornie, u can do it. Think about as pineapple said you'll feel worse after if you give into temptation. COME ON U CAN DO IT.
Shornie where are you? You feeling ok? I hope I wasna too tough! You ok?
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Oh no...we all know that feeling. If you're still hanging in there since you posted well done. If not - ok - just get over it and start right back into it. There's gonna hard days, there's gonna really horrible 'I'm gonna smash faces' days - but then there's gonna be good, days - clothes that fit properly days, I dont feel like a bloated beached whale days which is what we're all hoping for eh?

Good luck, you'll be ok no matter what. HUGS

Hope you are feeling better now, you can def do this, remind yourself of why you started in the first place. You are not alone, we all have bad days, this is a really hard thing to do. But try to keep busy, stay online and talk things over with people who understand and you will feel better tomorrow and be glad that you stuck with it. If you cant and you do waiver - hey we are all human. Just put it behind you, dont beat yourself up over it and move on

Good luck :)


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Some days are just stinkers. Get through as best as you can, go to bed early and tomorrow is a new day x


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i agree with annie, not every day is going to be easy, but these are the days that make u a stronger person when u can come out the other end with ur head held high!


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how have you found maintainance and what sort of thing have you been eating to do this..i think this is my main worry once i get down to the weight i want?..as is most peoples i imagine :)

h xx
Hey girl,
How are you doing now? Hope your feeling better..

how have you found maintainance and what sort of thing have you been eating to do this..i think this is my main worry once i get down to the weight i want?..as is most peoples i imagine :)

h xx
I posted several posts in maintenance section regarding how I am doing it. Basically I am doing the same things I did to lose the weight, maintenance is pretty much the same thing as weightloss was, with a few 100 more calories added daily. Go have a read on my maintenance posts and I'd be happy to answer anything else.


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Sorry to hear your feeling so down:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
Oopsie, My Bad Sorry Shonie I See Your A Man!!! Please Forgive My Stupidity? I'm A Newbie & Didn't Look At The Avatar...
Hi everyone thanks for all the support, things did get bad yesterday and I have to be honest I was tempted to cheat but i decided instead to overdose on minty strips and watch scrubs all night not quite what I was after but it worked.

Sorry to everyone that I never responded earlier but my internet is down at home and I struggled to get online to check posts etc. I am feeling a bit better today just need to get my head straight but the need to eat has passed.

Pineapple don't worry about your post's they never offended me just made me smile, sometime you have to be cruel to be kind. Reading these posts have put a slightly more positive spin on what is starting off to be a difficult day.

Thanks again :):):)

I must admit, I was worried and felt bad that mine sounded really harsh, but you are like me and need a good boot up the bum sometimes - so permission to kick me into shape when I have a day like you had yest! DEAL?

I'm so glad for you that you managed to get through last night, I know your prob not thinking it now, but once you get over this lul you'll be so so so pleased with yourself and as someone said earlier, these days only make us stonger!

I had a **** of a night last night, I swear I never slept a wink! I was up and down like a yo yo (was my 2nd day back on the shakes after weekend away with food and drink) and I was absolutely starving, I just could not get the thought of going down stairs and eating out of my head - amoungst other thoughts! But I never gave in, I thought about what I said to you and how much of a hypocrit I would be... So Shonie, without you knowing it, you helped me get through it last night too!

I hope you day goes much much better today. When is your weigh in? I'm really quiet at work so I'll be popping in and out of here all day - feel free to have a moan and I promise not to be harsh today!

Keep fighting the dirty little fat cells!
Cheers Pineapple I will try my hardest to get on and we can have a chat. I am a bit fed up at the mo with pretty much everything so it is nice coming on the foum and get a boost from you everyone here.
Chin up

Hi Shornie

I am around today at work, just started glugging the first glass of water, last Friday I was so stressed. I work with young people and we took them bowling, twenty young people sat around me eating, I had black coffee, when I went home I sat and cried as I was so hungry, it was that bad I nearly opened a tin of kidney beans that was lurking at the back of the cupboard, even my hamster food looked tasty, the rewards are good, but there are days when it does become that bit toooooooooo much

Hope you have a better day

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