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Down in the dumps


Bears dont dig on dancin'
...*sigh* sorry in advance for the moan.

I just feel rubbish. OH woke up in an awful mood yesterday which was somehow my fault. :confused: We argued all day, and I wanted to bawl my eyes out on several occasions. We ended up having take-away Pizza Hut for dinner. I feel a little guilty today, but not half as bad as when I used to eat junk all the time pre-sw!! I enjoyed it at the time and am glad I can let myself go once in a while without feeling awful after. Anywho, I feel rubbish today, not because of the food really (apart from that little bit of guilt). Just, because... My OH has had so many digs at me the last few days... Just stupid things. He's moaned because I havn't washed enough of his clothes/done it fast enough! ...bearing in mind my LO cut 2 huge molar teeth yesterday (which now explains a whole lot) and was SO grumpy you wouldn't believe it, waking through the night for weeks etc. I've not had a great deal of time to get things done. I feel so unwanted here. It's really upsetting.:wave_cry: I even said to my OH today that he needs to buck his ideas up by the time he gets home tonight I'm not putting up with his attitude anymore.i'm probably just being WAY over dramatic because of those pesky monthly hormones ....but all the same, I'm still in a rubbish mood now.

Sorry for moaning again, I had to do it somewhere and I don't think my toddler would want to listen! He's watching TV on his head at the min... :| strange child...

So here's hoping that pizza hasn't done too much damage at WI tomorrow. I'm not really worried about that. I know I can lose 2-3 next week. :p

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ah bless you, my oh always says i dont wash his clothes, yet somehow they always clean its men man they all backward ha, u will b fine xxxx
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Hugs to you hun. I dont think people sometimes realise how hard it is when your at home with a teething kid all day! Its easy for people to have a moan until they are in your shoes. Try not let this upset you anymore hun, you can only do what you can do. x
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Morning Julz, sorry your feeling a bit out of sorts and down in the dumps. Come on hun, don't let things get on top of you and drag you down. Everyone has these grey moods and off days, its normal, and even more normal when your at home with children. Men just don't understand how demanding a job that is. They think we sit around watching day time telly and drinking coffee wtih other mums. You can only do what you can do in a day and anything else has to wait. As for washing his clothes, who said it was your job to wash them? Yes you would normally do them cos your at home and its normally no trouble, but it is NOT YOUR JOB is it? Is he not capable of putting a load of washing in the machine at night? Why do men seem to think that the minute we become mothers and stay at home to raise the children, we turn into the housemaid. Running a home and being a mother is probably the most demanding and skilled job there is if done properly, and I think a lot of men would fall at the first hurdle to do it to our standards. They certainly don't apprectiate the skills we have and neither do we some times. Three cheers for Women, we are fantastic


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Really sorry to hear you're feeling low Julz. Don't worry about the pizza. One meal won't do damage, just get straight back on it this morning.

Your OH... well, I know where you are coming from there. I frequently have the same thing happen here and it drives me mad! There are just some days where we or they can do nothing right :( You're doing a great job looking after your LO, if he is running short on clothes, I'm sure he can find his way to the washing machine (although for some reason my OH can't!) ;)

Take care xx


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I think we have all suffered from this in the past - or anyone with kids certainly will have. OH and my 2 DSs can make enough washing to keep me going all week, plus I work full time...
We have just come back from a weekend camping and because OH unpacked the tent, he is excused from doing anything else - or so he thinks... I walked into the garage last night to discover the dirty washing all dumped on the floor, walking boots everywhere and even a carrier bag full of the washing up that we didn't do on site cos it was raining... is it still like that now - no - Because I got off my ass and sorted it..... men or certainly my OH can't see a mess if they are laid in it....

It will get better, the teething will calm down and the sleeping will settle itself and you will be back to your normal chipper self - remember these times will pass..

Just get yourself on here for support - we do not judge and are here for you...

Take care and hope today is the start of things getting better...



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Hugs coming your way Juiz - you are probably over emotional due to your * week hormones and sleep deprivation due to your LO's teething sleepless nights, every problem seems to blow up out of proportion when you are so tired.

I'm afraid I would tell my OH to get his finger out and wash his own clothes if he wants them so bad, (after all washing clothes isn't 'rocket science' these days) or he could look after the LO while you do it......

Chin up sweetheart, and don't worry about the pizza I'm sure there won't be much damage done and you will lose again this week, and you enjoyed it, and that is all that matters, so cheer up and hug that beautiful child of yours and your other child (OH) will come round eventually, just let him 'stew' until he does.

Love to you sweetheart. X


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Your OH, I presume, has 2 working arms and legs. He can do the f***ing laundry himself if he needs some clothes. Tell him to grow up!

(as a mother of a 2 yr old, I can sympathise!) :rolleyes:


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks so much everyone. Still feeling a bit [email protected] but I think OH is coming round slowly! We need to move house as we're in a small 2 bed house which is tiny. I'm getting cabin fever and don't drive, so unless I go out walking for ages there's nothing to do! OH had a major moan yesterday which started all the grumps off, and said he soesnt want to move (easy for him to say when he gets to go out the house every day!). Just spoken to him and we will be moving, he's going to have a look online tonight at some houses I found. And as for the washing, I tried leaving it once before and he just started wearing it all again! Ew! Lol. He has plenty of time to do things... yes, he works what is meant to be full time... mostly nights, usually 5hrs tops! Gets in at 4am, sleeps until 12, then has until 11pm at home!! So he's not working a normal 9-5

Men, can't live with them, can't live without them... (though it'd be a lot easier!) Thanks again everyone :) *group hug* xxx


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Sending some hugs your way. I don't think you are on your own on the man front as it seems to be a fairly common thing amongst the male community . I thought the fairies did the washing, washing up, cleaning, ironing, hoovering etc or at least I think my OH thinks that sometimes as he will come home and say what have you been doing all day??? and that is on top of the online business that we run from home and three kids (yes two go to school but I still have a two year old here with me who doesnt need feeding, attention, cuddles etc lol). Show your OH how to use the washing machine and tell him to do his own washing. We all feel hormonal at some point but its perfectly normal. Hope you are feeling better soon xx


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awww have a hug! also been having far too many arguments for my liking lately with my OH! and i had half a large dominos pizza last night too lol!!

same boat really minus the baby i don't have one lol!

so have some *SQUISHY HUGS*

and lets be good 2day yeh? :) comfort eating is something I have always done and its hard to get out the habit of a lifetime but determined to eat well 2day and get things sorted with OH as i love him to bits just wish he would believe it sometimes!!

Hear hear CharlotteGrace!!

Charlotte you hit the nail on the head!

I am mum to a 3 1/2 year old son (going on 30), & a 41 year old OH, (sometimes going on 3 1/2 lol) so I can absoutely relate to how you feel Julz. Me & OH swapped for the day once, cos of similar issues. When I got home DS was fine, but washing? cleaning? cooking? Hah! "I didnt have time" he bleated. I was like :eek:. Think about it buster! Been better since then...

Big hugs xxx


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Bloody lazy OH, 5 hour shifts?! I'll give him 5 hour shifts.

Dude, hope it all starts getting better soon, you may be a super woman, but you're not Superwoman. If he's at home all day between lunch time and 11pm, there's no reason why he can't help you with the laundry. And if he doesn't, there's no reason why your baby can't 'accidentally' knock a whole can of pop all over his X Box... ;-) Might free up some much needed 'help time'

(am assuming he is bloke so he must X Box...)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
haha you lot make me laugh! Yes he does have an Xbox... which may need to be surgically removed from him if he goes near it when he gets in tonight (He's starting day shifts now until Friday then nights again).
I left him with LO for the first time (yes, first time in 15months!) not long ago, and deliberately gave him a list of things to do that I do on a busy day (washing, cleaning etc), got back and nothing was done! and yes again, he "didn't have time" Hmm...!! He has atually told me before that all I do is sit and watch daytime TV! Gosh they have no idea... Well, now I'm sitting with my laptop while LO is having his nap, as my head is banging, LO woke up at 12, 1 and 2 am in the night, and up at 5:30 :| so I have a right to be super tired today. I've washed all of OH's clothes so now he really has to hunt if he wants to find anything to wear that's not wet!! haha!
A little tention has gone as we thought we would have to pay to end our tenency contract 7months early, but having read through it, the Landlords changed that part so we only have to give 1months notice to end it as per normal!! Woohoo!! So now we have no reason to not move, while rent is low(ish) and we can get a big house, ahh.

Rockchic, I ate half a large Pizzahut pizza lastnight, and the bloomin' delivery guy gave us 15, yes FIFTEEN DIPS!! :eek: we did definitely not order that many! I must admit I had 3 and my OH has kept the rest for himself to use as and when. I had great satisfaction in launching the rest of my pizza in the bin this morning.

Thanks again everyone, you all know how to cheer a girl up!! :) xxx


slow but steady!
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Lol at 15 dips bit excessive much!? ah well free sauce its all gd! ah moving house is a mega stressful activity when renting they always try and screw you over! took me months to get my last deposit back! hope all goes well!

Its not good to be stuck in a flat/house you ain't happy with! My last flatmate was a nightmare to live with and was stuck in a horrible dingy flat with tinyyyyyy bedroom gah it was awful!

have another hug and hope you get a nice new abode soon! oh and a less moany OH!

PS i find it funny when girls moan about boys playing xbox coz in my relationship its ME thats the geeky one with the xbox and excessive dvd collection and such haha!!



Bears dont dig on dancin'
Well, I'm a liiiiiittle bit addicted to Guitar hero, as in, I completed it in a couple of days when we first got it. lmao. Shh don't tell anyone. But I save it for when there is really nothing to do, housework done etc. OH just goes on there when things need doing it's just annoying! lol.

I've found some lovely houses that are actually less rent than our one now! So think OH is actually wanting move now I told him that. We need more space. LO is really starting to want to go where ever I go, kitchen etc. I just ewant him to be able to wander round emptying cupboards and everything. At the minute downstairs all we have is our lounge, a tiny kitchen and the conservatory which is NOT child friendly at all... so there's not much for him to do. Not to mention no storage space so it's getting a bit cramped in here. Can't wait to get moved somewhere bigger!! :) xx


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Heh I do love Guitar Hero too, and I don't begrudge OH his X Box, but if he gets to that three/four-hour-bracket I try and prise him off for his own good.


slow but steady!
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lol i actually never get to play my xbox coz OH is like a small child - very short attention span and needs constant attention!! oh and doesn't like xbox!

guitar hero and rock band are my faves even tho i suck at them lol!!

getting live set up soon hopefully! the guys can go away and you girls can form a band with me hahaha!!


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