Down, upset and fed up - Hard kick required!


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I feel like all I every do is bleat on about feeling down, but I really can't lift myself out of this funk :(

I'm still having a really heavy period (7 weeks now :()
The Dr gave me some tablets that stopped it for 5 days but now it's back again.
I feel run down, tired and upset a lot of the time. I feel bloated all the time, and having stomach aches like I'd normally do before my period starts.

My weight loss has been slow the last 3 weeks (about 2lbs per week)

I'm trying to up my water intake (its been shocking the last few weeks, only about 2 litres a day)

I just don't know what I can do to make myself feel better.

I want to go home from work right now, have a hot bath and curl up under my duvet and cry :(

A Very Pathetic Kitty
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Hugs chick x


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Bloody hell... it doesn't sound like you need a hard kick at all! You need a hot bath and a warm duvet!

I think you must treat yourself very kindly at the moment.

I don't know what you do to treat yourself. In the past I would have bought loads of food and had a massive binge.

These days I buy loads of crappy magazines and have a gossip binge. I also spent £25 in The Body Shop a couple of days ago. I allow myself time out that I might have done before but would feel guilty about it. Now I think of it as nurturing "me time".

Have a virtual duvet, a hot drink and a foot massage.


Emmie Lou

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hi Kitty
I dont think you need a hard kick at all! :)

I dont ever give advice on these threads as i dont feel i warrant it yet, im a habitual re starter!

BUT as one of those i do feel i need to say, well done to you, your obviously in a bad place with the TOM, and although you say youv'e had a slow weight loss- you have still managed to do battle and have lost (ahhh ticker has gone- while replying) im sure it was 21lbs - forgive me if im wrong! :eek:

I think your doing brill, and as the others have already said, be kind to yourself you deserve it!


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Oh sweetie.

Any chance of getting out, going window shopping or anything?

You take care of yourself eh? You've done so well to stick to it when you've been low


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I agree with the others you have done so well over the last few weeks to keep going and 2lb a week loss is still brill! I am unable to give advice re TOTM as am lucky enough not to have problems but maybe you should see the doctor again if you can (would the pill help?)

Pampering is good and being nice to yourself my Chatterbox is actually a really good friend to me and tells me it loves me even when I do or say something emabarassing. It keeps telling me how well I am doing and how proud it is. When I am feeling low it sympathises and tells me to take a rest, watch a DVD or read a mag. It also tells me to spend lots of money on Clinique and Benefit. It's good to be friends with your chatterbox if you can!!!

You certainly don't need a hard kick you need tucking in to bed. Not necessarily literally but metaphorically.

Hope you feel better soon and get the TOTM problems sorted.

Dizzy x


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I agree you don't need a kick just TLC which you can give yourself with good rewards like stuff from Body Shop or Lush or magazines or CD or DVD. The things I never used to buy myself but I do now. And why 'because I'm worth it'

And 2 lb is still great and keep looking at the whole picture how much you've lost altogether
Irene xx


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Hehe.... I need to have words with my chatterbox... I thought I was doing well with the Body Shop... it needs to get its act together!! :D

He he my chatterbox is so good to me and has really extravagant tastes. I can't walk past Clinique when it's Bonus time ever. She just doesn't shut up till I buy!


Dizzy x


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You are all so fantastic. Thank you so much for the support. It's given me a huge boost :)

Unfortunately I can't get anywhere near the shops until after 4 today but I think I might get something nice to put in the bath and take myself off home for a long soak after work.

I need to update my ticker now. I've actually lost 25lbs, which is brilliant. It's just really hard to lift myself up at the moment.
My bf is going away next week for 3 nights and I'm already dreading it. It's like having constant tearful PMT at the moment, bless him - he needs the break LOL

Thank you so so so so much, it's lovely to get the support in your replies.

Love Kitty xxx


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Hey Kitty - you go home from work - get under you duvet and cry if thats what you want to do chick :eek: - I can truly sympathise with the tom thing (which spreads on for months.....) - having had the same thing for over 9 weeks myself a couple of years ago - you need to spend a little time for you - stop being hard on yourself and trying to cope with all when this thing pulls you down and make you feel ill and weak enough as it is.

My advice to you is till your feeling better - is to be a little selfish - follow all the advice given to you here and make up some of your own and do it! It took me ages to be a little selfish - just something as simple as watching a dvd that I wanted to see instead of an evening watching the kids tv programmes and having a bath interupted without the kids knocking on the door! (Banned!!)

There are enough people in this world that could be horrible to you and make you feel like s**t without you feeling low yourself hon x

We're all here anytime you want to talk x

Big hugs x


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I wish I did work at home LOL - I'd have had the laptop under the duvet with me.
I work in an office full of men and they are less than sympathetic :(

I've had blood tests about 3 weeks ago now, and due to have them again in a fortnight, I'm tempted to move them forward a week.
I'm worried that there's something wrong, I'm on the contraceptive pill and even that hasn't the problem :(

Thank you all for taking time out to reply, it helps having the support so much.

Love Kitty xxx


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Oh poor Kitty - I'm so sorry that you're still feeling awful. Deffo go back to your doc and insist on some more tests etc to sort out your TOTM. Then do what the others have said and snuggle up and be kind to yourself. You deserve it!!


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Your weight loss is very good by the way and 2lbs. a week is excellent.

Please don't compare your weight loss to others as it does not work like that and it can get you down, I Know as I let it get me down and then I lost the plot.

Now I just do the best I can and it is one day at a time.

Be sure to let us know how the blood tests go.

Love Mini xxx