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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Returners' started by downsized, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. downsized

    downsized Member

    So i'm back again to tackle this weight for the final time and live my life the way it should be. starting at 135kg is daunting but hopefully using the one day at a time approach i'll stay focused.

    this will be my online diary with updates as i go along. who knows where i'll be come summer? i may finally be able to wear short shorts!!!
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  3. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    hi there , I returned to lighterlife total just over 3 weeks ago , going really well so far , hows you ?
  4. downsized

    downsized Member

    hi sukie sue and sorry its taken me this long to reply. was away and now back. yea i struggled at first but now i'm just taking it one day at a time. i dont know if i can ever say i have cracked it but each day i'm 100% on it is a win for me i think.

    hope ur doing well with yours too.
  5. aniauk83

    aniauk83 Full Member

    I am returning on wed. I have already bought some packs from super drug to start it off easy n got meeting on wednesday! 1.5stone to lose!!! I know it wont b easy as i have done it before...

  6. downsized

    downsized Member

    Hi Ania, i' sure you will and suprise yourself. just think how you would feel in four weeks!. and dont forget the water. water is your friend.

    i struggled this week and lost a pound. not excited but happy i didnt gain. looking forward to this week and what it brings.
  7. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    Well done a pound is still a pound down so next week will be loads more if you stick with it xxx

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  8. anewme2013

    anewme2013 Member

    i tried returning several times, beat myself up when i struggled gave up until monday again. I gave up completely on Lighterlife in the end after watching half my group becoming returners and tried a new diet. I am now doing ideal weight and loving it, the coaching and support is great and i find the diet really easy.
  9. downsized

    downsized Member

    Hi all, so i lost 4lbs today which means i'm over a stone down yay!!! its not been easy since being back but this time, i feel a difference and i reckon its because for the 1st time in my life, i'm actually doing this for me which hasnt been the case in the past. i'm still sticking to my "one day at a time" approach and not looking at the overall total of how much i need to lose.

    hi anewme2013, i'm happy you found a plan that works for you. as good as LL is, it wont work for everyone. if you find what works for you and you enjoy it, then you should stick to it. the common goal we all have is to be slimmer and healthier and we'll all get there in different ways but we will.

    Goodluck all for the new week ahead xxx
  10. downsized

    downsized Member

    another 4lbs off this week yay:D. although i cant say i've cracked it yet, i am now in a routine and its working for me, so far so good.

    hope everyone else has had a good week. and don't forget, water is your friend,

    have a nice week all xxx
  11. anewme2013

    anewme2013 Member

    excellent weight loss keep at it you are dong so well
  12. downsized

    downsized Member

    hi guys, been away for a few weeks and managed to stay pretty much the same. back now and getting back on the programme. hope everyone is doing well. have a wonderful week all xxx
  13. downsized

    downsized Member

    last time i updated this i had just come back from a quick break. since then its been really difficult getting back 100% on the programme. its not like i'm eating a proper meal, i just pick here and there and that means i am not gaining but i'm not loosing either and it really frustrates me. i don't want to stop all together because i know i could gain all of 13kg lost in a week and it scares me. i will try the total for another week and if i still struggle, i will give the lite version a go. even though my weightloss will be slower, its better than gaining what i have lost. i have been looking at pics and looking for ways to inspire myself.

    if anyone else have struggled and managed to get back on it, i would like to know what you did to help focus.

    goodluck and weldone to those still losing, you are doing well and to those struggling like me, keep at it. we all know losing weight isnt easy but we'll get there x x x

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