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Dr going away..arrrrrrgh

:cry:I've just booked my next appointment to be weighed and get another months suppy of my little blue tabs and can't see her till 21st sep (she's away), on coming home I counted my tabs and realised that they will run out on 13th. That means a whole week with them!!! I have phoned the surgery and spoken to the pharmacist about it and she will speak to me Dr this afternoon about getting them with out seeing her and then going on the 21st as planned....sorry going on but it's like my worlds gone upside down, I don't want to risk a whole week without xenical.......
So, the reason for my post, keep your fingers crossed that my Doc feels nice and lets me have them anyway..pleeeease.
P.s. I won't see anyone else as I have to go through that explaining everything to someone else thing and also I have to go for my 3 monthly nutty pills review.
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Go on smile! =)
Awwwww, i hope they let you get your fix of xenical lol, i know i would hate if this happened to me :( I'm sure you'll get em x
No you don't lol :D You should be able to get them as a repeat skye. My Dr is away when I'm due to see her, and she's said I've just to phone the surgery explain that I've to be given them as a repeat script as she is on holiday.
Fingers crossed you get told them same hun xx
i hate when i have to see a diff doctor lol.. my usual doctor is lovely theres 3 of them i dont mind seeing all great.. but once i had to see this man and he was looking at me as if i was stuipid.. i said im here for my xenical and his response was (glaring at me from under his glasses * are you losing weight?? coz these pills i dont believe in and they dont work* i replied .. yeah ive lost 6 stone (thats what it was then) and he said well i guess i can give them you but if you stop loosing weight then i wont give them...

im like umm yeah great support there doc lol..

.. hope your appointment goes ok x
Phew...... Just spoke to the pharmacist and the Doc said yay, thank goodness that panics over. However the phamacist did ask me if I was still losing weight to which I had to reply I have no idea as the Dr weighs me but I bloody well hope so...lol :D
A week without them would have been hell, I get a bit obsessive about things and these little blue tabs are my new obsession, its like if I don't take them the whole thing will go wrong and that will be back to square one..lol ! Hence the nutty pills ha ha, although I wish I could get as obsessive about taking them...maybe I wouldn't be so nutty lol.


Go on smile! =)
Glad it all worked out for you :x
i have nothing useful to add, just wanted to say that you live in a beautiful part of the world-we satyed in Dunevegan for our honeymoon and loved the island


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay!! big up to the dr and pharmy!!! woooooooooop!

see....they make me nutty toooooooo
i have nothing useful to add, just wanted to say that you live in a beautiful part of the world-we satyed in Dunevegan for our honeymoon and loved the island
What small world , I actually live in Dunvegan !!! where did you stay for your honeymoon ?