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Dr refused to sign form


aw poor u, u sound so deflated! see it as just a set back and u will soon be on this road to weight loss with us.

there was a lady at my group who's gp refused to sign her form and she went to a private doctor who signed it for her for about £40. its a shame when some gps dont see this diet for its good. i was lucky as my gp said any weight loss was good for me and is fully supportive, so they do exist and im sure ul soon have one too. if u do still have trouble getting it sighned, ask your LLC about it as i know mine has a gp who signs forms on her side so maybe yours does too.

wishing u all the best



getting slimmer
what reason did the doc give you if you dont mind me asking?
just didnt like the diet or health reasons??
:sigh: Hi all,

Feeling a tad fed up as my Dr refused to sign my form. :mad:

Was so looking forward to starting last Thursday, feeling a bit down.

I am waiting to get in touch with a private Dr but hope it will not cost me a fortune.

any one else had to go down this route?

cheers x
hey Jules - sorry to hear that...:(

have you considered CD ?? assuming you have no underlying health problems, you could do Sole Source plus (either 3 packs plus small meal OR 4 packs plus 200ml skimmed milk) WITHOUT your GP having to sign.....just a thought

Debz xx
Dr said that my practice will not sign any LL forms in case they get anything goe's wrong and they could get sued!
That is a bit of a paranoid attitude. They are not prescribibng the diet, nor are they suggesting or referring it or anything. They are simply signing a form confirming your blood pressure and pulse are within normal ranges and asking for any medications, etc.

Good luck. I am sure you will find one that will sign it for you. Or, you can do like I do. Get pushy. If my docs do not work for me, I become a very squeaky wheel.

It's the yank way. :D It gets a result though. :)


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Thanks for the comments guys. As my BP was fine and a blood test was normal, and I have no other medical condtions, I could not see the problem.

Might try again with a different Dr otherwise it will have to be the private route.


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Sorry Debz, meant to say that I had thought of giving CD a go, but feel I need the weekly meetings with LL.

Thanks for the thought, may have to reconsider.


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if you get yourself a good cdc hon then you'll get a good weekly meeting. maybe not for an hour but mine are half an hour and we have a good natter and i feel all geared up for the week ahead. just a thought...

try another doc at the same practice. you never know :)

abz xx
Sorry Debz, meant to say that I had thought of giving CD a go, but feel I need the weekly meetings with LL.

Thanks for the thought, may have to reconsider.
no probs....just thought it may be an option for you....

good luck with whatever you decide....

keep us posted with your success !

Debz x
Hi there. My GP would only sign my LL form because it pointed out to him that he'd be exempt from any blame if anything went wrong. Good luck, hope you can work something out.
hi again jules,

maybe another point to raise with the doc is the health issues u will have if u stay at your current weight, as the weight comes off quite quickly, u see a big improvement in your health quickly too, it would save him and the rest of the medical world alot of work in the long run if they supported LL. your only asking him to confirm your current health, not like your asking him to did it with u! lol anyway good luck x

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