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Dreaded Alcohol and diets!


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Can anyone please help by sharing advice / experience!
I previously lost 10lbs by just eating cereal for brekkie and a jacket pot etc for lunch and light eve meal, and I was still enjoying a G&T (okay then a couple of G&T's per night!)
I have put on some weight since hols and can I shift it????
I really dont want to forgo myG&T - is anyone else drinking and dieting??
Please help!:sigh:
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Bring on the weight loss!
Awwww cant really help on that one as I go months and months without drinking any alcohol - only have a drink on a special occasion! :)
Maybe still have it - but cut down the amount? X

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I drink very little, perhaps one or two glasses of wine at the weekend, but some weeks pass and I don't have any alcohol at all.

We all need our little treats, so I can understand you wanting to hang onto that G&T! My daily treat is fresh coffee made with milk every morning. I am SO not giving that up :p

Why not limit yourself to one an evening? Are you using slimline tonic? I seem to think that gin has one of the lowest calorific values of any alcoholic drink, so if you had a small shot topped up with plenty of slimline tonic I can't see it would do much harm. Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere - there's no snacking going on perhaps? Those few biscuits here and there that you don't give much thought to? ;)


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gin and tonic (as long as diet tonic) is prob one of best things to drink if on diet (as good as alcoholic drinks can be) low carb, low cals. im doing Dukan diet and still drinking (although you arent supposed to) and still losing.
hi, i agree with Longratia - G&T is the better choice of alcoholic beverage when trying to shift the pounds. Not for me - I am a white wine girl myself but may to switch to G&T when my WW points allowance gets lower!

Sharkbait1983 x

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